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RIP Startup Christ. Something New Is Coming!

Over the past two years, I have been maintaining at Startup Christ. Startup Christ was initially founded for the Christian Entrepreneur. But in two years, while there has been growth, it was not sufficiently satisfying for me. Lately I have been reevaluating Startup Christ and its purpose. While entrepreneurship is a powerful tool to better the world and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, the narrow market of Christians interested in the startup lifestyle paired with my growing distance from the lifestyle myself was inevitably going to lead to a certain disingenuous feel to the Startup Christ.

In recent months, in my walk of faith, I have become increasingly aware of the problems in the church from its most prominent figures ranging from the absolute farce known as Hillsong to the panderings of Jerry Falwell Jr. From the undying prominence of Joel Osteen to the absolute frauds like John Pavlovitz. There is a pervasive number of heresies that seek to corrupt the church, the Evangelical church which is an umbrella of various congregations and denominations that still believe in the actual doctrines of Christianity. Should the Evangelical Church fall, Christianity in America will be doomed to the fate of post-Christendom European nations. But worse, whole swaths of the population will never hear the gospel in their lives. The battle for the soul of the church is a battle that must be fought.

Entrepreneurism is about identifying problems and meeting needs, generally for profit. As an entrepreneur, I recognize that there is a much more pressing issue at play than simply a void in Christians starting businesses. The issue is corruption in the Church and a biblical illiteracy amongst the congregants.


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