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DarkLinks 6: Debunking black/white Christianity


There is No Black Christianity

By Theodore Zachariades @ Pulpit and Pen

Well, it is a sad state of affairs for the body of Christ, when ethnic distinctions are the foundation for identifying segments of the church at large. The Apostle Paul would find this as ludicrous as he found the Judaizing tendency among the so-called Jewish Christians who identified more closely with the current Jewish customs rather than the teachings of the newly revealed Messiah, Jesus Himself. Just as there is no Jewish Christianity, there can be no “Black Christianity.”

The Wokening of the Southern Baptist Convention

By Capstone Report

How the Young Restless & Reformed Crowd remade the Southern Baptist Convention from a conservative to progressive denomination all with the help of Al Mohler.

Internal Documents Prove Cru Leaders Officially Promoting Social Gospel

By Enemies Within The Church

Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), has officially gone down the social gospel road.

Russell Moore’s New Age Partnership Sprang From MLK50

By Thomas Littleton @ GateKeepers

The ERLC New Age Globalist partnership emerged from the ERLC/TGC MLK/50 Conference according to the Fetzer representative who attended it and was “inspired by Moore’ speech at MLK/50.”

Ray Recommends: Joker

By Ray Fava @ NOQ Report

But Arthur Fleck, despite arguably being an incel, is an undeniable victim. Like many others in the film, he forgot he had white privilege. In addition to intersectionality having nothing to do with people’s victimhood, the movie delivers a scathing critique of Jacobinism while also making clear the disconnect of the rich and powerful with the rest of society. The message is solidified by the end of the movie where the clowns are holding up “Resist” signs while acting like Antifa. Despite the obvious statements about contemporary society, Joker, again, signals a strong respect for the lore, as the plot of Batman Begins was the people of Gotham being so retched that Ra’s al Guhl wants to destroy it. Thomas Wayne merely delayed his plans. In Todd Phillip’s rendition of Gotham City, total depravity is fully activated.

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