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One Year Later: The Legacy of January 6

To Democrats, every day is January 6. It is their Christmas, a reminder of when they were gifted the justification to weaponize their political power, solemnly and somberly of course. Because of this day, they executed their Order 66 takedown of Donald Trump, both politically through Impeachment 2.0 and from social media. It enabled them to exert the despotic power they have lusted to use against their political opponents.

Meanwhile, for most Republicans, their calendar goes from January 5th to January 7th without second thought. The Titanic is sinking, yet Team GOP could not be bothered to acknowledge the leakage and so have paid the price. Our Congress investigates January 6 even now, manipulating it against the republicans going into the midterm cycle, which they will prolong indefinitely as they have no other issues to campaign on except Covid.

I have already written of the conditions in the DC Jail in my article American Gulag. Unfortunately, little has changed for the political prisoners in that time, except that they were thrown back into solitary for Christmas. Only fourteen congressmen co-signed a letter demanding the removal of Kathleen Landerkin, Warden of the DC Gulag. Aside from these developments, little has been remedied while the Democrats issued subpoenas in a fashion that is more McCarthyist than Joseph McCarthy.

2021 was a year of revelation for the US Government’s Justice System, or lack thereof. Our FBI is currently helmed by career swamp creature Christopher Wray, who previously worked under men like Robert Mueller and James Comey during the Bush Era. Allegedly, the three of them almost resigned due to the Bush Administration’s surveillance techniques. Ironic right? At the behest of Chris Christie, this was the man Donald Trump selected to drain the swamp. Infamously, Wray alleged that “antifa is an idea” while shops burned, and city blocks were overtaken. Under his tenure, the FBI stopped a plot to abduct Gretchen Whitmer using 12 informants to arrest 13 men. By the way, Special Agent Richard Trask, their key witness for this case, beat his wife after the two attended a swingers’ party. Moreover, it has been confirmed that the FBI is utilizing its counterterrorism tactics against parents who protest their school boards. This is without discussing the FBI’s inactions against Hunter Biden’s illicit activities, mass shooters, Hillary Clinton, and whether they attempted to extort Representative Matt Gaetz.

Back to January 6, where the FBI removed Ray Epps from their Most Wanted list. On video, Epps can be seen riling people to physically storm the Capitol, which he did indeed enter, possibly even provoking the initial breach. Epps is head of his local Oath Keepers chapter. Ray Epps has not been indicted. He has not been sent to the gulag and lives peaceably. It is probable that Ray Epps was one of possibly several FBI informants that day…or he is the luckiest man alive.

Why would the FBI do such a thing? For decades the FBI has used informants and undercover agents. Informants have varied in degree of character as they made deals to save their own butts and get paid, because rats do not snitch for free. Likewise, undercover agents are the same. Not all undercover agents are Donnie Brasco’s but will actively perpetuate crime or even narcotic addictions if it means closing their case. Over time, this created a culture which incentivizes federal agent to initiate entrapment schemes in order to make arrests.

Following 9/11, the FBI gained expanded authority in their ability to counteract terrorism. Whereas their muscle was previously utilized against a weakening mafia, their attentions redirected towards terrorism with relatively mixed results, including the entrapment of the Liberty City Seven bombing plot. Naturally, the question follows, what is a terrorist? In an era where anything that goes against the narrative makes you bigoted or a perceived threat to society, it reasons that the FBI agents themselves are not exempt from adjusting their classification of terrorism to align with something favorable to Cultural Marxists. Moreover, this politicization has percolated every level of government. Leftist will be leftist, even in the workplace. The statists likewise remain the same, all while the swamp protects itself and sustains its existence.

The largely left leaning or statist bureaucracy inherently views Conservatism as a threat to its existence. If Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, then there follows a moral impetus to undermine his administration. At the very minimum, even posing a rhetorical threat to the institutions has garnered severe reaction during his 2016 campaign. The incentive exist. As our culture has imploded into new depths of total depravity, whereby men do what is right in their eyes, those who stand oppose will inevitably be viewed as enemies and troublemakers.

The FBI is no longer about reacting to criminal activity in order to combat it, but rather has become the initiator. This makes them not investigators, but something far more Orwellian. The FBI has become the Thought Police. In an almost satanic fashion, they whisper, they tempt, they deceive average Americans so they can remove resistance to the Marxist regime. Are people culpable for their actions? Yes. But it is not the State’s job to entice criminal activity that otherwise never would remotely transpire! This is what authoritarian regimes do.

Nevertheless, the real criminal activity goes unchecked. Over in Langley, the CIA has an unprosecuted child pornography problem. Most notoriously, there is Jeffrey Epstein, whose sexually depraved, pedophilic lifestyle went unmolested for years, skirting numerous prosecutions due to his connections to the intelligence community. The DOJ is so brazen that the guards who obstructed surveillance during his “suicide” have averted criminal accountability. Though convicted, Ghislaine Maxwell remains the chosen scapegoat while the bigger criminals will never see a courtroom.

The era of justice in the federal system has been eviscerated. Throughout 2021, the DOJ openly targeted political dissidents while protecting its filth. No longer do they attempt to conceal their wickedness. The legacy of January 6 is indeed like a Pearl Harbor, while not the initial act of aggression between two competing nations and cultures, proved the be the ultimate declaration of war—the point of no return.

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  1. Very well stated. One question is how long has it been like this way? The reason we now know this is because they no longer control the dissemination of information. They still attempt, but like with the Rogan/Malone podcast, their attempts have the opposite effect. I believe it’s now the most listened to podcast, and one the most listened to interviews of all time. But like China under Mao, the greater mess they make, the more lies they tell, just the more they will continue with this behavior; the worse they will act. We have crossed the Rubicon. The system cannot be redeemed. They will push forward until total system collapse.

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