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Justin Peters is right about the Babylon Bee Elon Musk interview

The Babylon Bee recently had the opportunity to interview Elon Musk, and the interview that resulted was received with controversy by grassroots Christian media. Justin Peters is the most notable critic of the Babylon Bee’s handling of the gospel in front of Elon Musk. Upon seeing the entire clip, the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of Justin Peters. The Babylon Bee did not share the gospel with Elon Musk and affirmed his false view of Jesus.

The first major red flag in the Babylon Bee’s performance was the cheesy background music put in place to enhance the emotional experience of the set and make what was said come across as more profound. This is the tactic of seeker friendly churches to make elementary sermons cause an emotional reaction.

The Babylon Bee opens up with a joke, “Can you do me a solid and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. A joke can disarm a person, so this isn’t wrong. However what is wrong is that this joke was never followed up with the gospel. Elon Musk then articulates his view of Jesus as a good teacher, to which the Babylon Bee credits this as 70% and calls it a win to much applause.

In this interview, Elon Musk is more interested in talking about Jesus and the Bible than a Christian ministry. It’s clear that Musk has unanswered questions, but no attempt is made to answer them. They only laugh them off.

Therefore, Justin Peters is correct in his assessment, and I cannot blame him for dismissing the Babylon Bee as a ministry and saying that he’s no longer a fan. His words were barbed but entirely accurate.

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5 Responses

  1. Agreed. This was incredibly sad and tragic, to say the least. Justin was dead on correct to point this out. Elon Musk needs our prayers more than ever. Like Justin said, the opportunity to present the true gospel was right there on a tee,

  2. Perhaps praying for Elon Musk and having faith in the work of the Holy Spirit to lead him to follow Christ rather than the usual “close the deal” evangelical evangelizing.

    1. That misses the point. Satire or not, this is disrespectful to Elon and to Jesus Christ. Satire does not give one a license to be irreverent.

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