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Bruce Jenner vs Lia Thomas: Transgender Highlander

There Can Only Be One

Lia Thomas, the transvestite college athlete who won at the national swim meet, gave his first public interview since the event. The interview generated the ire of his predecessor, Bruce Jenner. Bruce Jenner appeared as Sean Hannity’s guest to respond to the interview. He would claim that a transvestite must transition responsibly. He would also go on to say that the NCAA should protect women’s sports. Bruce Jenner condemned the woke culture that allowed this to happen.

There exist an obvious hypocrisy in Bruce Jenner’s statements. Back in 2015 and 2016, Bruce Jenner was paraded as a hero for being a transvestite by the same woke crowd parading Lia Thomas today. In 2015, Jenner would win the Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year Award. He would not only accept the award but give a speech. In 2016, he would win the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPN Espy Awards. Additionally and most hypocritically, he would play in a women’s golf tournament, despite being a man. The same woke crowd that celebrates Lia Thomas now, was the same exact energy that Bruce Jenner enjoyed in 2016. Christian conservative commentator, Steve Deace, aptly pointed out that his gig as a Fox News contributor is solely because he’s a transvestite, and that this comes at the expense of other women.

Thus what can we conclude other than that Bruce Jenner dislikes competition stepping on his grift. This is similar to Scarlett Johansson decrying the sexualization of actresses, after she made it to the A list by being objectified. This is Transgender Highlander, and there can only be one.

Fairness in sports is no more a hill to die on than fairness in any other skill. It is not any more immoral for Lia Thomas to use transgenderism to advance his athletic career than it is for Bruce Jenner to use transgenderism to advance his celebrity and achieve a steady position as a Fox News contributor. It all comes at the expense of someone else. It’s the same exact energy, but only when the shoe is on the other foot, is it objectionable.

The people that celebrated Bruce Jenner in 2015 are the people who paved the way for Lia Thomas in 2022, a crowd which undoubtedly included many women who now find themselves competing with men in their sports.

We cannot push back on transgenderism with transgenderism, ie Bruce Jenner, Blaire White, or other grifters. And if you want to save a culture with secularism, be prepared to fail hard. See Canada. We need our movement to turn to God. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. There can only be one.

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