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Doug Wilson

NBC Is Scared of Christian Nationalism

NBC recently did a special to cash in on the rise of Christian Nationalism and it showed a palpable level of fear for the ideology rising among conservatism. The main subject of an NBC special was Doug Wilson out of Moscow, Idaho. NBC explored his ambitions to create a Christian town. His church has about 2000 members in a town of about 25000, which is proportionately a lot.

Coming out against Doug Wilson’s “harmful” influence were women “pastors” and a feminist couple that left his church over Branch Covidianism. Yet Doug Wilson, even after some amount of editing, remain calm, collected, and confident. He boldly stated that a Christian town would outlaw homosexual “marriage” the way that Roe is no longer the law of the land. He didn’t shy away from his views on male headship in marriage, which seemed to bother the interviewer greatly.

There is generally no reason to ever speak to the liberal media. But Doug Wilson proved that there are exceptions, in that he was a bold witness for Christ, and his unwavering posture sent fear into the pagans at NBC.

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