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Vladimir Putin

Russia Bans Transgender Surgeries, Adoption

Vladimir Putin is not what you would call a trad, based on his personal life, and his deference to Islam would certainly disqualify him from any ecumenical Christian Nationalist label. Nonetheless there is a pragmatic understanding that the level of degeneracy in the west is bad for nation building. Last month it was reported that banning transgender surgeries was going to be a legislative priority for the Russian Duma. The bill swept through the Russian legislature. On Monday, Vladimir Putin signed the bill into law.

The new law bans medical intervention for the purposes of changing one’s sex. Additionally, the bill prevents transvestites from adopting children for obvious reasons.

The warnings of Evangelicals from the past were not heeded in America which has since taken to exporting degeneracy, even under the Trump Administration. However, these warnings were heeded by watching nations outside of the western sphere of influence: eastern Europe and Africa. Earlier this year, Uganda took actionable steps in combatting homosexuality and transgenderism in their country. Last year, Russia banned gay propaganda. Now even China is getting in on the action, despite their use of TikTok to promote the same degeneracy in the United States.

In America, we face the opposition of the liberal consent based morality that ultimately believes that doctors can and perhaps should violate the Hippocratic Oath because a perverted patient requests to be mutilated. Russia has bypassed this argument with by passing a law that aligns with biblical values. Because it is wrong to transgender a person, doctors should not be allowed to do so. Perhaps this will wake up many Americans.

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