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Calvin Robinson

Calvin Robinson Fired From GB News

Calvin Robinson is the Evangelical Dark Web member favorite so far to win church hero of the year for his stand against homosexuality, and same-sex marriage, in the Anglican Church. His prominence in standing for biblical orthodoxy in the UK has landed him a contributorship on the upstart GB News network. GB News began as an alternative to the state sponsored network, BBC.

This segment in which Laurence Fox went racy going after a liberal pundit arguing in part that feminism is undesirable in a sexual partner. For this Dan Wootton and Laurence Fox were suspended from GB News. Calvin Robinson responded to the suspension of Dan Wootton:

I will not be appearing on Dan Wootton Tonight without Dan Wootton. Dan Wootton had a significant part to play in building GB News. He invited me along pre-launch, he also brought so many people onboard. Behind the cameras as well as on-screen talent. Including the careerist ambitious ones who are currently gunning for his job. These people are worse than the woke mob, because these vultures are giving the mob ammunition and essentially escalating the channel’s demise. We failed as a community to stand up for Mark Steyn. If we let them do the same to Dan, it’s over. The channel will be on borrowed time, we will all be the next in the firing line. I get that people have to pay the bills. But GB News is more than a job – it’s certainly more than a chance to be on the telly – it is a mission. An opportunity to shift the dial in public discourse. To have the conversations the shills on other channels cannot or will not have. We must do all we can to avoid GB News becoming just another MSM outlet. Which it will, if we let it. Our bosses are scared. Afraid of Ofcom, afraid of the woke mob, and afraid they’re going to run out of money unless they manage to sort this advertising problem out. We need to give them courage, not enable them to capitulate. If they pander to the woke mob, we are finished. Someone else might get the prime time slot for a bit, but it will not be a promotion if you jump in Dan’s grave. You’ll just be making space alongside his corpse for your own. Standing up for Dan is standing up for the very idea of GB News. If he falls, we all fall. We are about to see if people really care about the project, or they just want a better slot, with a bigger team and better pay.

Hours later, Calvin Robinson announced his suspension from the network.

Cavin Robinson has since been fired for his stand with the network urging them to stand up against Cancel Culture.

How long can a station keep calling itself “the home of free speech” when it continues to engage in cancel culture?

I supported my friends/colleagues and will continue to do so. That should not be a fireable offence.

GB News is controlled opposition.

GB News is not the right wing alternative to BBC because they refuse to actually be right wing. Instead they are more of the same, suspending their own for comparatively innocuous statements because they upset the liberal establishment.

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