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Christian Post Column Shocked That Israel Doesn’t Allow Christians To Immigrate

When you spend decades simping for a pagan nation, it’s not a shock that you would be unfamiliar with the Law of Return and how Christianity voids it. But that is exactly what dispensational pastor Greg Denham did in a recent column at Christian Post. In an article titled Israel needs to stop denying citizenship to Messianic Jews, Denham simps before his moral outrage kicks in over a foreign nation’s immigration policy.

In addition, every Christian should pass the theological test, which is that God’s unfolding plan from eternity past to eternity future runs through Israel, in particular the central figure of God’s unfolding plan, the Messiah of Israel: Yeshua, the Davidic King, the Savior of the world, who is the Lord.

This is the One who at His second coming will sit on the throne of David in Jerusalem and will establish the kingdom of God while restoring planet Earth to wholeness, with Israel at the center.

Standing with Israel today means standing with the unfolding plan of God for Israel’s existence.

There is a hyperinflated value placed on a nation that hates God and Christians, yet Denham compels Christians to support this nation because of his eschatological view which dictates their preeminence in the end times.

But it was on this trip, in the unique context of the times in which we now live after the tragic and evil massacre on Oct. 7, that my eyes began to see something more clearly than I ever had before.

Jews who embrace Jesus as the Jewish Messiah are now no longer considered Jewish enough to become Israeli citizens.

Despite this dangerous time of growing antisemitism throughout the world, the door to their ancient Jewish homeland and this safe haven is closed to them.

This isn’t even a new development. Converting to Christianity can have various implications for an individual in terms of the Israeli Law of Return, which grants Jews and their relatives the right to immigrate to Israel and gain Israeli citizenship. The Law of Return passed in 1950, defines a Jew as someone born to a Jewish mother or someone who has converted to Judaism and is not a member of another religion.

If someone converts to Christianity, they would typically no longer be considered Jewish according to the traditional definition, and thus they would not qualify for immigration under the Law of Return as a Jew. However, there could be exceptions or complexities depending on the specific circumstances and interpretations of the law.

Nonetheless, a judge has ruled against him in district court, and now his only option is to take it to the highest court.

After hiring a lawyer and fighting a case that has cost him over $50,000 and still left him without status, his only recourse is to spend an additional $30,000 to take it to the Supreme Court.

If he succeeds, he will have used close to $100,000, money that could have gone toward buying a home but was instead used to secure citizenship that rightly belonged to him under Israeli law.

Thus stereotypically, a lot of money is needed to dispute the court ruling on citizenship eligibility.

Messianic Jews are Christians practicing a trend that arose less than 200 years ago. The examples that Denham uses come across as vain retirement plans but he deceptively paints Jews as a victim class in America despite that neither Messianic Jews are leaving America over safety concerns.

The article ends with a call for an American audience to lobby a foreign government to grant citizenship to Americans defecting to Israel. Yikes.

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  1. I love that you said this: “There is a hyperinflated value placed on a nation that hates God and Christians.” This needs to be understood… and it’s just not in a large chunk of evangelical Christendom.

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