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Prominent YouTuber Nick Rekieta Arrested Following Pastor’s Mandatory Reporting

Nick Rekieta is a prominent YouTuber who grew to incredible fame on the platform after broadcasting high-profile trials such as Kyle Rittenhouse, Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard, and others. In fact, he helped pioneer an entire genre of legal analysis on YouTube. Over the last several months, Rekieta had fallen off, although he had a cult following. But much of this was due to his apparent alcoholism and known or speculated degeneracies. This week police raided his home and arrested Nick Rekieta, Kayla Rekieta (his wife), and April Imholte, the swinger couple’s paramore.

The couple is charged with felony possession of cocaine or crystal meth in excess of 25 grams or more, the maximum sentence of which being 25 years in prison and/or a 500,000 fine; possessing ammo/firearm w/ controlled substance; and child endangerment.

According to the documents, Nick Rekieta was reported to police by a pastor who was acting on mandatory reporting for child neglect.


The pastor of New London Evangelical Covenant Church evidently reported Nick Rekieta’s child neglect to the police.

With all of the narrative about churches not being safe for children, we see that a church stepped in to protect children from libertine parents who pursued lust and addictions at the expense of their duties.

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  1. The consequences of being raised Catholic, and being taught that the Word of God doesn’t really mean what the Word of God says. Every time he talked about the Bible, he clearly didn’t understand it, and said as much.

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