Josh McDowell is a coward Earlier in September, Josh McDowell made and would later apologize for his remarks about skin color that he made at a conference. But the words he actually spoke attributed disparities to culture as opposed to skin color. This invited hard conversations for people to have, and while Josh McDowell was not 100% right, he was […]

Is the Evangelical Covenant Church an apostate denomination? Introduction During our research on Craig Groeschel, the pastor of America’s largest church, the Evangelical Dark Web provided the best information uncovering how Groeschel is a woke pastor. It was shown that his denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church embraced Critical Race Theory formally over a decade ago. However, the denominational downgrade does not stop […]

Common Critical Race Theory Rebuttals Debunked Part 1


The Gospel Coalition is one of the most influential advocates of Critical Race Theory to Evangelicals. While they do not daily write articles brazenly advocating the heretical ideology of Cultural Marxism, their podcast network is far more explicit with the organization’s views. Evangelical Dark Web reported in September, 2020 how The Gospel Coalition unveiled Marxist […]

Exclusive: Barna Exposed: Christian Research Firm Goes Woke

Barna Research is an industry leader in providing data on culture and the church that ministries and churches use to make inferences on the culture at large. Evangelical Dark Web has published numerous articles that analyzed findings from Barna research. But it was their findings on COVID lockdowns that begged a look deeper look into […]

Cultural Marxist Beth Moore leaves SBC

Some things are rather coincidental and also predictable. For Beth Moore, leaving the SBC in a coordinated announcement with the help of the pagan Religious News Service is one of those things. The coincidence being that one year ago she gave a sermon on a Sunday morning at a Southern Baptist church. In this video […]

Jory Micah goes full heretic! Never go full heretic.

There are few “influencers” in evangelical circles as woke as Jory Micah and John Pavlovitz. In fact, Jory Micah was one of the first false teachers I ever wrote about, before I democratized the process, not because she is low hanging fruit but so that this categorization could be used to make implications on other […]

Biden reignites White House religious outreach program to advance Cultural Marxism

Among the executive orders of the Biden Regency was the reestablishment of a religious outreach office created first by Bush II. The organization is a bit of a political football. The Trump Administration largely mothballed the organization until Trump tapped renown heretic, Paula White, to lead it in 2019. A recent Biden executive order reclaimed […]

Rick Warren hosts segregated woke healing session

One of my top observations about woke white people is that there is only one foundational difference between woke whites and white supremacists. And that is that white supremacists believe whiteness is good and woke whites believe whiteness is bad. Thus, the manifestations of these ideologies is often similar. In this case, Rick Warren is […]

Ligon Duncan’s racism exposed

“As In Heaven” is the Marxists podcast that The Gospel Coalition designed to promote the Social Justice Gospel in mainstream evangelicalism. There trailer was drenched with Critical Race Theory when it debuted late September. Episode six of this podcast features Ligon Duncan, the CEO/ Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary. In this podcast, Ligon Duncan articulates […]

Al Mohler pretends to declare Critical Race Theory incompatible with Scripture

Big Eva is certainly on the defensive trying to cover up its own industry wide acceptance of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. This is too much of the credit of online activism of grassroots Evangelicals who are forcing them to address these topics. This week, the seminary presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention got together […]