White Fragility Top 3 Criticisms

It’s past time I wrap up my series on rebutting White Fragility. This video summarizes my top three criticisms of the book. Fallacy of Nonfalsifiablity In layman terms, this is a head I win tails you lose structure of argument. She argues that white fragility is a real phenomenon and your disagreement is further proof […]

Owen Strachan: Church Discipline The Woke!

Here is a hot take, as social media would call it. But is this really a hot take or does it really only feel that way because Christianity in America is exceedingly lukewarm? I’ve read old Lutheran confessions of faith that denounce those who believe in believer’s baptism. It’s safe to say there was a […]

JD Greear’s worship pastor is woke BLM, homosexuality supporter

Update: According to Rod D. Martin, Summit is undergoing Matthew 18 in light of this, most likely for specific tweets compiled that went viral as opposed to the plethora explored in this video and article. JD Greear, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, is among the most influential figures in Evangelicalism, as is his flagship […]

Watch: Donald Trump debates Chris Wallace on Critical Race Theory

One of the most surprising acts of President Trump was him taking up the fight against Critical Race Theory. In September, I reported on Trump’s initial action to exterminate teachings of Critical Race Theory on taxpayer dollars within the federal government. With President Trump, I judge him by his record, but I am willing to […]

The Gospel Coalition unveils Marxist podcast series


It’s an open secret in the world of protestant Christianity that The Gospel Coalition is pushing the Social Justice Gospel. In-between writing puff pieces to sooth Christian consciences to vote for Joe Biden and slandering Kyle Rittenhouse, 2020 has been quite a revealing year for the publication. but how much more obvious can the facade […]

Robin DiAngelo Goes Full Marxist! Never Go Full Marxist. | White Fragility Rebuttal Chapter 12

In this installment of White Fragility Rebuttal, we finish off the last chapter where Robin DiAngelo summarizes her points and focuses on solutions. In this chapter Robin DiAngelo addresses her stated solution of interrupting racism all while hinting at a Marxist revolution she’s unwilling to mention. It’s worht mentioning that interrupting racism is a pointless […]

White Women tears are racist? | White Fragility Rebuttal Chapter 11

Yesterday I wrote about the increasing tide of emotionalism surrounding Leftists in the political arena, and what better way to follow that up with than another installment of White Fragility Rebuttal, where I go through Robin DiAngelo’s crowning achievement. Chapter 11 is pack full of the emotionalism as we near the end of her work. […]

The Pagans lost their intellectual heavyweight. Now what?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a tyrant and wrong on every significant issue. But make no mistake, she was highly intelligent and certainly a worthy rival for the soul of a nation. But what will become in the wake of her demise. In truth, the pagans loved the Notorious RBG, but how many could articulate her […]

What is racial stamina? And do you have any?

One of the first terms Robin DiAngelo drops is racial stamina, but there is almost the expectation that you should know what these terms mean. As a non-woke person, these are new terms for me. And Robin DiAngelo uses these terms in passing without providing context clues to know what they mean. “Racial” functioning as […]

Top takeaways from Neil Shenvi Jon Harris faceoff

It is ultimately rare from someone in Big Eva to debate someone in the grassroots on things like discernment and Critical Theory. Though perhaps Neil Shenvi is not Big Eva but is often the mouthpiece to oppose Critical Theory in the church from within the church in higher circles than say Tom Ascol or Jordan […]