Why Big Eva Was Always Bad And Why You Suddenly Noticed

https://youtu.be/Sy5uPtXnNIw In conservative media you hear the trope, “I didn’t leave the left. The left left me.” Of course we most often associate this with homosexuals or feminists who want their level of degeneracy to be the line of demarcation in a here and no further sort of way. But this mentality also exists among […]

Richard Land Ignores Ukraine’s Atrocities As He Advocates Globalist Solution To War

The Christian Post is at the forefront of Christian Media’s capitulation to the globalist and Zionist movements that have had regular pieces that regurgitate Anti Defamation League (ADL) talking points, using this anti-Christ organization as an authority on the issue of race and faith relations. Christian Post is also quite neocon and they have attacked […]

Naomi Wolf vs Big Eva: Apologizing for January 6 Reaction

Because of Covid, Naomi Wolf has become one of the disaffected liberals who has actionably shifted against the tide of liberalism. She is not a Bill Maher offering weekly critiques but is an activist in the fight against Branch Covidian tyranny in the likes of a Steve Kirsch. Her recent column on her Substack entitled, […]

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Tim Keller, David French, and Beth Moore

https://youtu.be/1DJ-lfX7f5c In Spiritual Warfare it’s nice to have some air support, and in this case, air support is in reference to air time at the only culturally significant hour of Fox News, Tucker Carlson. On yesterday’s show, Tucker Carson stood up for Canadian Christians getting arrested for opposing grooming and furthermore took aim at prominent […]

JD Greear Gaslights Us On Andy Stanley And Homosexuality

https://youtu.be/ZieYwBh6Y9c The Gospel Coalition finally took to responding to the coverage of Andy Stanley in recent column written by JD Greear, the former three term president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Whereas, Richard Land of the Christian Post and Ed Stetzer’s Church Leaders lead the way in providing cover for Andy Stanley, The Gospel Coalition […]

Daniel Darling “Glad To See” Abortion Go Unpunished

Daniel Darling has been a Big Eva player for a while. Not only did he pimp the unsafe and ineffective Covid jabs, he’s also not actually pro-life. This was evident when he celebrated Ketanji Brown-Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. But it’s furthermore evident when he celebrated seeing that the Virginia Attorney General would not […]

Jackie Hill Perry Repents of Promoting Demonic Enneagram

https://youtu.be/aED4wW5lfHc The Enneagram is a highly pervasive personality test marketed to women in the church. To the casual observer it may seem like a Christianese version of Myers Briggs that lacks the broader cultural appeal that, say, the “love languages” has. But the origins of the Enneagram are far more nefarious than its more secularly […]

Dallas Jenkins Responds To Mormon Question On The Chosen Season 3 Trailer

https://youtu.be/qAn_8CB30D4 After reporting that The Chosen went Mormon in the trailer for its third season, Dallas Jenkins responded to these accusations in a grifty livestream which mostly advertised the theatrical release of the upcoming first two episodes and merchandise. Treated as an ancillary note, Dallas Jenkins responds to what he characterized as the one percent […]

He Gets Us Campaign: Does Not Matter If Jesus Lived A Perfect Life

https://youtu.be/31RDNk8dXJM The He Gets Us Campaign is the brain fart of Big Eva institutions with more money than sense. Over $100 million has been spent on a media campaign to make Jesus relatable with vacuous short videos. The result is dismal engagement, hardly any subscribers, and a lot of money down the drain. Yet since […]

Big Eva Attacks Mainstream Pro-Life Position As Fringe Minority

Compromise Today

https://youtu.be/gViCNbCYPrA Big Eva has repeatedly attacked the pro-life movement, claiming that it does not believe in punishing women for abortions. Elites would shift the Southern Baptist Convention towards adopting pro-life feminism instead of upholding the biblical standard of justice at the 2022 annual convention. However, despite the insistence of Denny Burk who came out as […]