The Karengate Conspiracy: Willy Rice, Tom Buck, and Karen Swallow Prior The scandals of the Southern Baptist Convention continue to mount as Deacongate would get a sequel called Karengate, aptly coined by Dr. Bobby Lopez after Karen Swallow Prior. The “Notorious KSP” is at the center of a story involving lies, blackmail, and coverups. Willy Rice Lied On April 1st, Willy Rice came forward on […]

Big Eva Ignores, Promotes Chinese Lockdown Many Americans are unaware that Chinese cities have enacted some of the most severe lockdowns we’ve seen in the last two years in a major city such as Shanghai. That’s probably because the TV told Americans not to care about this. Meanwhile, Americans are trying to evacuate as the lockdowns turn violent. The response […]

David French, Rick Warren endorse Bart Barber. Big Eva is scared of Tom Ascol.

The Southern Baptist Convention has been a proxy for the direction of protestant Christianity in the United States. It’s rather big tent encompassing patriarchal churches with congregational polity, allowing for a diversity of beliefs on soteriology, eschatology, and spiritual gifts. Additionally, it is influential for a major voting block in American politics. Six months ago, […]

Christianity Today Gets #MeToo’ed

Compromise Today The liberal rag that is Christianity Today is as toxic a workplace as many secular media counterparts. Alas, the MeToo Movement has come for Compromise Today, implicating tow former employees, Mark Galli and Olatokunbo Olawoye. Christianity Today published a lengthy article detailing their “ministry’s” failure to address sexual harassment that was reported in the […]

Big Eva Hypocrisy: Ukraine vs Lockdowns Just as Volodymyr Zelensky is a puppet for the Great Reset, so is Big Eva. In the last two weeks we have seen Big Eva publish content about perseverance that completely contradicts their tone for the last two years. During the lockdowns of 2020, Big Eva preached compliance. They peddled the narrative that church […]

Big Eva’s Obsession With Calling Gambling A Sin

Compromise Today Super Bowl Sunday inspired Big Eva to write an article exploring Christian’s decreasing concerns with sports wagering or other event related gambling. Christianity Today questions why Christians are growing increasingly apathetic to the topic of gambling, in an article titled, Super Bowl Betting Is a $7.6 Billion Problem Fewer Evangelicals Care About. Few Christians see […]

Big Eva calls for a ceasefire over Francis Collins Several Evangelicals leaders still dare to defend the character of Francis Collins, the former head of  NIH gain-of-function research supporting supervillain in part responsible for the last two years. Francis Collins was named church villain of the year by Evangelical Dark Web in 2021. Erick Erickson made a defense of Francis Collins and called […]

The Gospel Coalition’s Out Of Touch Top Ten Stories of 2021

TGC Religious elites being out of touch with the theological issues of their day is not a new phenomenon. Today’s Big Eva exemplifies this elitism in their navel gazing review of the ten biggest theological stories of 2021. The Gospel Coalition’s Collin Hansen attempts to state what he thinks the year’s biggest stories were. Hansen recently published […]

Jesus & John Wayne Author Defends Homosexuality Kristen Kobes Du Mez has shaped a lot of Big Eva discussion on social media this past year with her book Jesus & John Wayne, a critique of how she perceives Evangelicalism in the age of Trump. Big Eva publications like Christianity Today, David French’s The Dispatch lauded her work, and she even got a […]

Podcast: Discussing Eternity News, International Big Eva. Guest: The Other Paul The Other Paul returns to lead the conversation about Eternity News, the most prominent Big Eva site down under. In the last conversation we had, Paul gave us the rundown of what it’s like in Australia and the state of its church. That is where the conversation begins today as he reports a more […]