Major Simp Bart Barber nominated for SBC President

In the aftermath of Willy Rice withdrawing his name for consideration to be the next SBC President, Bart Barber has joined the race. In the past, Bart Barber has been Ed Litton’s biggest simp. He was therefore made chair of the Resolutions Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. Willy Rice withdrew his name for consideration […]

Ed Litton Not Seeking Second Term! Willy Rice Announces Candidacy. A major shift in the Southern Baptist Convention is underway. Ed Litton announced he is not running for re-election as president of the SBC. In a brief address, Ed Litton introduced a new racial reconciliation program that will assist local churches in being woke. Additionally, Ed Litton announced he would not seek a second […]

Conservative Baptist Network Goes Full Boomer

A rather insignificant online seminar drew the ire of the Conservative Baptist Network. The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission hosted a racial reconciliation conversation on February 23rd featuring SBC president, Ed Litton Fred Luter of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, Missie Branch of SBTS, Jon Kelly of Chicago West Bible Church, and Brent Leatherwood of the […]

Ed Litton Rewards His Biggest Simp! On Valentine’s Day, sometimes being a simp has its reward. In this instance, Bart Barber has been made chair of the Resolutions Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is best known the only simp who argued that Ed Litton’s serial sermon plagiarizing was not a sin so boldly online. Previously his standing in […]

Arkansas Church Leaves Southern Baptist Convention

The establishment of a strong liberal majority at SBC21 has caused many churches to reconcile with the fact that the Conservative Resurgence 2.0 is not happening and likely never will. Thus many churches have abandoned ship. The latest high profile church to do so is Houston Baptist Church in Arkansas, a small church in a […]

Mike Lindell, Francis Collins Win Big At First Ever Eva Awards In Evangelical Dark Web’s year end livestream, after a review of the top stories of 2021, there’s an award show portion that celebrates the highlights of the year. Mike Lindell set the record last night winning two awards. Biggest Hack and Biggest Scammer, for creating a social media platform for his fan club and […]

What Rod Martin’s exit from the Executive Committee means for the SBC

Despite traveling in elite circles, Rod Martin was never an elitist. His willingness to engage anti Big Eva platforms to explain his approach to saving the Southern Baptist Convention is laudable. And though I did not and do not share his enthusiasm for the SBC, I understood his position and believe he was fighting for […]

The Ed Litton Sermongate Insurgency Ed Litton’s sermongate scandal is not going away, much to frustration of many elites in the Southern Baptist Convention. Their hope to have a credible pastor pull Evangelicals to the left on salient issues was undermined from the beginning with his scandals on partialism, egalitarianism, and most simplest to understand, sermongate. Ed Litton resolved […]

Ed Litton Defends Liberal Resurgence of SBC The president of the Southern Baptist Convention went to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to have a public conversation with its president, Adam Greenway. Through the technical difficulties they managed to address salient topics such as Ed Litton’s sermongate scandal, Litton’s breakdown of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021, and Ed Litton’s thoughts on […]

Al Mohler Finally Addresses Ed Litton’s SermonGate Scandal Ed Litton’s emergence over Al Mohler to become president of the Southern Baptist Convention came as a surprise to many, but it sealed the liberal drift of the once conservative denomination. But shortly after, Ed Litton’s serial plagiarizing came to light. Now, Al Mohler has remained reticent up until a recent Q&A session where […]