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David Sills Refiles Lawsuit Against SBC in Tennessee

David Sills was the most prominent figure portrayed as a sex abuser, despite the allegations against him categorically not being sexual abuse. As a result, David Sills filed a lawsuit in Alabama seeking recourse for defamation. The Mississippi resident’s case in Alabama has been contested with minimum contact grounds in Alabama, which has resulted in […]

SBC’s Unify Project: Syncretizing CRT with Lent

Since it is Black History Month, there is no better time for the Southern Baptist Convention to exercise a collective lament to the genuine and perceived racism of the past and present, and because Southern Baptists can never do enough to rectify past grievances, they require a new solution. As perhaps one of few lasting […]

David Sills Sues Southern Baptist Convention For Defamation

For the past few years, the Southern Baptist Convention has contended that David Sills is a sex abuser and Jennifer Lyell was a victim. While the Southern Baptist Convention would go on to pay in a defamation suit brought by Jennifer Lyell over one million dollars, nothing of her retconned claims have been remotely close […]

Evaluating The Evangelical Dark Web SBC22 Predicitions

The Evangelical Dark Web published a slate of predictions ahead of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention. It’s time to break down how they went and why the outcome was what it was. 0-1 Voddie Baucham President of the PC Voddie Baucham narrowly lost his bid to be president of the Pastors Conference. This would end […]

Final Predictions For 2022 Annual Southern Baptist Convention With many key players in the Southern Baptist Convention making the expensive trip to Anaheim, California, a faceoff will ensue between the liberals in the SBC and their conservative counterparts. In the 2021 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, the conservatives helmed by the Conservative Baptist Network were outmaneuvered on the floor and outnumbered in the […]

Major Simp Bart Barber nominated for SBC President

In the aftermath of Willy Rice withdrawing his name for consideration to be the next SBC President, Bart Barber has joined the race. In the past, Bart Barber has been Ed Litton’s biggest simp. He was therefore made chair of the Resolutions Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. Willy Rice withdrew his name for consideration […]

Ed Litton Not Seeking Second Term! Willy Rice Announces Candidacy. A major shift in the Southern Baptist Convention is underway. Ed Litton announced he is not running for re-election as president of the SBC. In a brief address, Ed Litton introduced a new racial reconciliation program that will assist local churches in being woke. Additionally, Ed Litton announced he would not seek a second […]

Conservative Baptist Network Goes Full Boomer


A rather insignificant online seminar drew the ire of the Conservative Baptist Network. The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission hosted a racial reconciliation conversation on February 23rd featuring SBC president, Ed Litton Fred Luter of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, Missie Branch of SBTS, Jon Kelly of Chicago West Bible Church, and Brent Leatherwood of the […]

Ed Litton Rewards His Biggest Simp! On Valentine’s Day, sometimes being a simp has its reward. In this instance, Bart Barber has been made chair of the Resolutions Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is best known the only simp who argued that Ed Litton’s serial sermon plagiarizing was not a sin so boldly online. Previously his standing in […]