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The Story of First Baptist Church Naples Documentary Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Christian Film Review, but I had the opportunity to talk about a Christian film and Discernment, so here we are. Enemies Within The Church has been in production for years. I have been a vocal supporter of their project, but admittedly, they have fallen way behind their […]

Must Watch: Story of First Baptist Naples trailer

A little background is necessary. Back in October, a FBC Naples had a committee for a new senior pastor. They tried to ramrod Marcus Hayes who had connections within the Southern Baptist Convention such as JD Greear and Kevin Ezell, the SBC President and head of the North American Mission Board respectively. Both are featured […]

Conversations That Matter: What happened at FBC Naples

The grassroots of Christianity rallied behind the orthodox members of FBC Naples when they rejected Marcus Hayes to be their pastor over his social justice and procedural concerns. This church was then maligned by Big Eva for racism which has since never been proven. Jon Harris breaks down what happened at FBC Naples. He also […]

DarkLinks 19: Seminary professor fired for preaching the gospel

There is no barrel scrapping in this edition of DarkLinks. Perhaps this is our most jam-packed yet. This is a busy news week in Christendom, and a lot of stories just didn’t make the cut this time around. The story about the online snitch portal didn’t make the cut because we decided to respond to […]

Identity politics: coming to a church near you

In the days following the vote by the congregants to narrowly rejected Marcus Hayes from becoming a lead pastor at FBC Naples, Florida, we have seen a coordinated response that can be summarized as sinful and rife with identity politics. For those who need background on the story, Marcus Hayes is a pastor with friends […]

DarkLinks 12: FBC Naples and the real Baptist Press

The saga of Marcus Hayes and FBC Naples continues to escalate in all sorts of negative directions. This edition of DarkLinks featured an open letter to the church. In this open letter, the statement that Evangelical Dark Web publications are the real Baptist press caught my attention. The Southern Baptist Convention is a bit of […]

DarkLinks 11: Marcus Hayes rejected over Social Justice Gospel concerns

Marcus Hayes appears to be the biggest story at the moment in the Evangelical world placing the focus on yet another proxy fight between the orthodox Evangelicals and those who participate in the Social Justice Gospel. Unfortunately, we do not have special connections and contacts throughout the country, but¬†Evangelical Dark Web created DarkLinks to promote […]