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Must Watch: Story of First Baptist Naples trailer

A little background is necessary. Back in October, a FBC Naples had a committee for a new senior pastor. They tried to ramrod Marcus Hayes who had connections within the Southern Baptist Convention such as JD Greear and Kevin Ezell, the SBC President and head of the North American Mission Board respectively. Both are featured in the trailer as having endorsed a candidate to become senior pastor at a local church. Now what’s interesting about this is that Marcus Hayes did not actually meet the job requirements in the listing for the position. And right before the vote for pastor, there was a campaign to vote against Hayes because of concerns that he has been compromise by the Social Justice Gospel and his changes to their small group programs. In the trailer we see him answer the question to whether homosexuality is a sin, and he maintains that same-sex attraction in and of itself is unsinful. This is bad theology, in that, sin is not just our actions that are an affront to God’s holiness, but also our attitudes and motivations. God knows our thoughts; therefore our thoughts can be counted against us if we do not have Jesus as our savior.

This mini documentary will tell the story of how identity politics came to this church and was weaponized against its congregants.

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