Everytown For Gun Safety: The New BLM Grift

Flashback to June of 2020 when St. George Floyd was martyred by the cruel weight of Dereck Chauvin being hoisted atop his fragile neck. The nation was outraged. There were riots on the streets. A new federal holiday was created in his honor. On every TV and sporting event, there were calls to end systemic […]

Christianity Today’s publishes heresy to push for gun control

Gun control grifter, Taylor Schumann, has increased her apostate media bylines to include Christianity Today. In promotion of her upcoming book, When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough, Christianity Today published an adaption of one of her chapters in which she is enraged about people questioning her faith because of her support for gun control. The […]

Jeremiah 6:23 and gun control

This is in continuation of my reflections on my reading of Jeremiah, a book God has put on my heart to read. And there was a verse that stood out as very relevant to today‚Äôs political climate. Granted, its relevant in that America is a fallen culture that worsens daily, so it seems. Jeremiah 6:23, […]

They don’t want your guns, they want your doctrine

Beto O’Rourke may in fact be the most honest of the Presidential candidates. He may have gone full Swalwell in an attempt to revive a disastrous campaign; however in recognizing his present shortcomings, Beto O’Rourke has gone the AOC route of revealing the poorly hidden secrets of the Democrat Party. For years, the right was […]