Oklahoma Bans Abortion, Alabama Curbs Child Abuse

Last year, Mississippi and Texas led the charge with their abortion laws, with Mississippi’s 15-week ban inciting the first major Supreme Court case on abortion since Casey and the Texas Heartbeat bill succeeding in saving thousands of lives. The former being a hard ceiling matching that of Europe while the latter advancing the legislative ball […]

Is Craig Groeschel a false teacher?

Category 4 Verdict: Craig Groeschel has a demonstrable pattern of doing what will profit himself the most, including the strategic adoption of Cultural Marxism Preface At the request of one of our readers, we have been asked to investigate whether Craig Groeschel is a false teacher. You can make a request here, and we will honor […]

DarkLinks 32: Pro-abortionists in our ranks

This edition of DarkLinks has begins with the theme of abortion which we said we would focus on more this month. The point that I want to hammer home from different sources is how much the pro-life movement, the abolition of abortion, is held back by members who supposedly claim they are pro-life. We present […]