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Oklahoma Bans Abortion, Alabama Curbs Child Abuse

Last year, Mississippi and Texas led the charge with their abortion laws, with Mississippi’s 15-week ban inciting the first major Supreme Court case on abortion since Casey and the Texas Heartbeat bill succeeding in saving thousands of lives. The former being a hard ceiling matching that of Europe while the latter advancing the legislative ball by saving thousands of lives in its early debut.

2022 has brought many victories on the cultural front at the state level. In regard to abortion, Arizona and Florida passed a 15 week ban while Kentucky has sent theirs to the democrat governor and West Virginia’s passed its house. Following the lead of Texas, Idaho passed its heartbeat bill while Wyoming passed only a trigger law—what might be the most conservative thing passed in that state. It should be noted that several states have either trigger laws, a law banning abortion in the overture of Roe v Wade, or have previous bans in the books which would be reimplemented. South Dakota implemented waiting restrictions on abortion and a ban on Medication Abortion (pills). This is an increasing issue as the FDA claims 40% of abortions are medication induced.

Leading the way on abortion is Oklahoma, which passed its outright ban on abortion on April 6, 2022, sending it to Governor Kevin Stitt who is expected to sign. The law, SB 612, bans all abortions in the state except when there is a concern to the life of the mother. It is worth noting that due to abortion arbitrage, Oklahoma clinics have seen a surge in whores from Texas venturing north to sacrifice their children at the altar of convenience. Under the new law, a physician who performs an abortion could be subject to 10 years in prison and a $100K fine.

This is a major victory against the abortion industry. The more states which pass legislation, the stronger the winds become as the Supreme Court makes its decision on the Mississippi. Remember, our Supreme Court cares not what the constitution says, but will rule where it feels the winds are headed, just as they did with jab mandates. Props to Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma legislature for telling the other states to hold his beer.

Alabama Bans Transgendering Children

After another year, Alabama finally passed its ban on transgendering youth and. We reported at the time the bill, now called SB 184, would criminalize the use of puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and other physiological measures. Furthermore, schools are required to disclose any gender confusion to parents, and there is the creation of a Class 3 felony, up to ten years in prison, for any physician who violates this law.

Additionally, Alabama passed its version of school bathroom bill. HB 322 would mandate changing spaces and bathrooms be restricted to biological sex in public schools. An amendment was attached to this legislation mirroring Florida’s anti-grooming law that would prohibit sexualizing children in Grades K-5. The amendment lacks the private enforcement mechanism which gives the Florida law its teeth.

Governor Kay Ivey is expected to sign and signal that Alabama is leading the way when it comes to curbing this grotesque child abuse. As society increasingly becomes indoctrinated with feminist ideas of gender and sex being interchangeable constructs, there is a growing need to curtail these abuses as parents will brainwash their children with their warped ideologies.

The Pandering of Republican Legislatures

This late into the session, it cannot be overlooked that many of these republican legislators are pandering hard on conservatism as the midterm cycles ramp up, passing legislation to score votes so they can retain their seats and do nothing until the next cycle comes. In all honesty, no one of sound mind was accepting of William “Lia” Thomas smashing their daughters in national swim competitions while molesting them in the locker room with his stiff manhood. Surprisingly, Team GOP has taken up a cultural fight. Even TPUSA, who concern themselves with stale economic messaging over social issues, have grandstanded on the reality of binary gender, with Benny Johnson calling for Disney Boycotts and Charlie Kirk being kicked off Twitter.

Governor Ron DeSantis passed his challenge with flying colors in signing the anti-grooming legislation, but now other states like Ohio have taken up the matter, copying Florida’s lead while also adding Critical Race Theory to their proposal—the same type of law Mike DeWine would question the need for, until elections come around. Along with banning CRT and men in women’s sports, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed citizenship requirement to vote after vetoing a ban on unsolicited mail-in ballots. Going into a contested primary, Brad Little in Idaho signed their heartbeat bill but has a petty fetish for ineffective covid restrictions and mandates. Lastly, who can forget Greg Abbott standing tall on transgenderism and border security, two issues that long should have been dealt with during his two terms as governor.

Several states are making progress on key issues in our culture, but we must not fall under the impression that these politicians are on our side. For every DeSantis or Stitt, there are several opportunist looking to make a name for himself. More important than the legislation they pass are the bills they kill in committee, which are often more based. That is where the bills banning transgendering children go to die while banning men from women’s sports live on, or where 15-week bans are considered conservative progress while heartbeat legislation dies in committee. There is no reason why Asa Hutchinson and the state senate are killing heartbeat legislation in Arkansas. There is no reason why West Virginia is pushing fifteen-week bans or virtue signaling over preventing down syndrome abortions when they have a trifecta. Will Idaho pass its child mutilation bill or will it die in committee?

Retaking the Congress is important but will have limited upside even if the GOP wields its power effectively as the filibuster prevents meaningful legislation from being passed. At most, they might be able to initiate investigations and sneak policy changes into spending bills. In reality, it is on the state and local level of politics which are most significant and represents the most fruitful political mission field for Christians to effectively engage the culture.

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