Rachael Denhollander Attacks John MacArthur Over Patriarchal View Of Marriage

https://youtu.be/X4F_-CdSPBA It’s hard to imagine that The Gospel Coalition wrote an article that generated so much feminist backlash that they canceled its writer Josh Butler. But the angry feminist mob is not sufficiently satisfied with Josh Butler. They have their sights set on John MacArthur. With ShepCon underway, some have renewed their sights on him […]

What To Make Of Hohn Cho Versus Grace Community Church?

https://youtu.be/BGeL1HltyrE Last Saturday, Evangelical Dark Web reported on the accusations of Hohn Cho against John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church. The Christianity Today article added nothing new to the story that was reported last year except that former GCC elder Hohn Cho was coming out as a whistleblower on the practices of biblical counseling at GCC. […]

Is Rachael Denhollander Ripping Off The SBC?

https://youtu.be/REt1SWRcdEQ The Southern Baptist Convention has a deeply vested interest in portraying itself as a hive of sex abuse and sex abuse coverups. Unfortunately for their narrative, the facts don’t back this up. The Sex Abuse Task Force Report uncovered no previously unknown instances of sex abuse that were covered up, despite a multimillion dollar […]

David Sills Sues Southern Baptist Convention For Defamation

For the past few years, the Southern Baptist Convention has contended that David Sills is a sex abuser and Jennifer Lyell was a victim. While the Southern Baptist Convention would go on to pay in a defamation suit brought by Jennifer Lyell over one million dollars, nothing of her retconned claims have been remotely close […]

How Rachael Denhollander’s Support For Amber Heard Undermines Her Credibility

https://youtu.be/6UHGM1mgT58 Rachael Denhollander has been one of the driving forces of liberalism in the Southern Baptist Convention using the issue of sex abuse as a spearhead for the infiltration of feminist ideology and the MeToo Movement. However her influence is not limited to only the Southern Baptist Convention. The Presbyterian Church in America relies on […]

The Karengate Conspiracy: Willy Rice, Tom Buck, and Karen Swallow Prior

https://youtu.be/ZpevPA7NC2M The scandals of the Southern Baptist Convention continue to mount as Deacongate would get a sequel called Karengate, aptly coined by Dr. Bobby Lopez after Karen Swallow Prior. The “Notorious KSP” is at the center of a story involving lies, blackmail, and coverups. Willy Rice Lied On April 1st, Willy Rice came forward on […]