White Fragility Top 3 Criticisms

It’s past time I wrap up my series on rebutting White Fragility. This video summarizes my top three criticisms of the book. Fallacy of Nonfalsifiablity In layman terms, this is a head I win tails you lose structure of argument. She argues that white fragility is a real phenomenon and your disagreement is further proof […]

The Gospel Coalition unveils Marxist podcast series


It’s an open secret in the world of protestant Christianity that The Gospel Coalition is pushing the Social Justice Gospel. In-between writing puff pieces to sooth Christian consciences to vote for Joe Biden and slandering Kyle Rittenhouse, 2020 has been quite a revealing year for the publication. but how much more obvious can the facade […]

Beth Moore goes full Marxist. Never go full Marxist

Editor’s Note: This article was written on NOQ Report and specifically references their coverage. For obvious reasons, Beth Moore’s tweet thread railing against white supremacy in the church got a lot of attention and raised a lot of question. NOQ Report already covered this story. However, I wanted to add my commentary because having founded the Evangelical Dark Web, […]

The Marxist redefining of Racism and White Supremacy

In chapter 2, Robin DiAngelo redefines racism in her own image. This redefinition allows her to construct an argument that only white people can be racist. This further allows her to state that disagreeing with DiAngelo’s definition of racism is a act that furthers racism. One of the lovely things about reading on Kindle is […]

JD Greear promotes woke legalism

In general there are three macro pathways to heresy. The first is that you add to Scripture. This is legalism. The second is to take away from Scripture. This is where beliefs like antinomianism come from. The third macro way is to “read into” Scripture. And by read into, I am referring to things that […]

Identity politics: coming to a church near you

In the days following the vote by the congregants to narrowly rejected Marcus Hayes from becoming a lead pastor at FBC Naples, Florida, we have seen a coordinated response that can be summarized as sinful and rife with identity politics. For those who need background on the story, Marcus Hayes is a pastor with friends […]