MAGA or Marxism? | White Fragility Rebuttal Chapter 4

There is not much white people can do right in Robin DiAngelo’s humble opinion. Even when white people have legitimate political grievances, white people exhibit racism by not directing their political frustration at the appropriate target. This is how Robin DiAngelo explains the 2016 election where Donald Trump built a coalition among working class white […]

The Non-Falsifiable Fallacy of White Fragility

This is the fifth installment of our walkthrough on White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. In this installment we cover chapter 3. The three major criticisms that come out in this chapter is first Robin DiAngelo is setting up a non-falsifiable argument. Heads I win, tails you lose. To disagree with her is to enact racism. […]

The Marxist redefining of Racism and White Supremacy

In chapter 2, Robin DiAngelo redefines racism in her own image. This redefinition allows her to construct an argument that only white people can be racist. This further allows her to state that disagreeing with DiAngelo’s definition of racism is a act that furthers racism. One of the lovely things about reading on Kindle is […]

Individualism is racist? White Fragility Rebuttal Chapter 1

In the last installment of White Fragility Rebuttal, we saw how Robin DiAngelo’s experience as a corporate diversity trainer gave her the inspiration for her magnum opus,¬†White Fragility. In this installment we get a full dose of Karl Marx. Personally, I was shocked at her audacity to start chapter one by articulating a Marxist worldview. […]

White Fragility Rebuttal Introduction

In the second installment of the White Fragility Rebuttal Series, we move through the introduction where Robin DiAngelo throws a lot of new terms at us, like racial stamina. There will be a pop quiz on these! In this video we talk about the author’s backstory and the book’s scope. In the first installment, I […]

I read White Fragility so you didn’t have to

It’s not unnecessary for the church in America to want to address the rising racial tensions. In fact, the church should be a reliable witness on social issues. However, it is a betrayal for the Church to push a Marxist book like White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. And this is what I have witnessed, without a […]