SBC cancels SBC2020 in bid to save elitism

Virtually everything that’s not virtual is getting cancelled as a result of the Wuhan Coronavirus, however, events that are moderately down the road in terms of the year are still on as schedule. While the 2020 Olympics are postponed a year, this changes the date of an event that is not annual. The Olympics also […]

Randy Adams continues to speak to needs of SBC

Last month we reported on Randy Adams announcing his candidacy for President of the Southern Baptist Convention. In his announcement were seven planks on which he is running. Plank number three was to value every church. Plank 3 was as follows: Value Every Church – The local church is the body of Christ purchased with the […]

David Uth, SBCPC, to refuse Executive Committee ultimatum

Admist the backlash brought on by the Pastors Conference inviting questionable guest speakers to SBCPC 2020, The Executive Committee cracked down on it in response, disallowing the Pastors Conference in its current state to take place within the SBC’s rented facilities for SBC2020. This crack down was followed up with an announcement on an investigation […]

DarkLinks 33: Grassroots reactions to Conservative Baptist Network

Last week the Conservative Baptist Network was formed, sending shockwaves in the embattled Southern Baptist Convention prior to what is increasingly looking like a high contentious convention in Orlando this summer. This was just after the announcement of Hosanna Wong and other poor invite choices for the SBCPC, however this was not in response to […]

Pastors, laymen launch Conservative Baptist Network

The following is a press release BOSSIER CITY—A significant number of pastors and laymen, motivated by a passionate desire to keep the Southern Baptist Convention anchored to the inerrancy and sufficiency of God’s Word, have formed the Conservative Baptist Network. The Network is the product of a grassroots movement that developed organically in the hearts […]

Baptist leader suggest congregants are violent

Southern Baptist have made preparations for SBC2020, the annual gathering that helps set the course for the future of the denomination. This year looks to be more contentious because of the dishonest means Resolution 9 was brought forth by the Resolutions Committee last year. Resolution 9 allows for Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to be […]

SBC2020 Pastors Conference invites woman pastor to speak to pastors

The lineup for the SBCPC 2020 was announced and a pattern or statement is being made that are in the same pattern of the rise in theological liberalism in the Southern Baptist Church. The entire lineup can be viewed here.  The first eyebrow to be raised is Hosanna Wong. According to the bio on her […]

Southern Baptists to rally ahead of SBC2020 to fight Social Justice Gospel

This summer in Orlando, Florida, the balance of the Southern Baptist Convention hangs in the hands of the messengers. In 2019. the Southern Baptist Convention allowed Critical Race Theory to be used as an analytics tool, establishing a beachhead for heresy. But there are Southern Baptists looking to reverse the trend. The Tennessee Baptist Convention […]