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David Uth, SBCPC, to refuse Executive Committee ultimatum

Admist the backlash brought on by the Pastors Conference inviting questionable guest speakers to SBCPC 2020, The Executive Committee cracked down on it in response, disallowing the Pastors Conference in its current state to take place within the SBC’s rented facilities for SBC2020. This crack down was followed up with an announcement on an investigation into the ERLC amidst growing concerns over their theological libealism that has them writing pro-abortion articles. David Uth, president of the Pastors Conference released a statement.

On Tuesday, February 18, I learned that the Southern Baptist Convention Executive
Committee voted to disallow the use of the 2020 SBC venue at the Orange County
Convention Center for the 2020 Pastors’ Conference unless we adjust the program of
the Pastors Conference to meet the approval of the Executive Committee officers. The action issued a deadline of February 24 for me to decide if we are going to submit an amended program.

Yesterday, in separate phone calls I informed J.D. Greear, President of the SBC, Ronnie Floyd, Executive Committee, CEO and Mike Stone, Executive Committee, Chairman that I will not have an answer to their inquiry by the deadline of February 24.

The refusal to comply with the request of the Executive Committee, was followed up by an appeal to forty days of fasting and prayer. It should be noted that Uth has insisted on the speaker lineup which includes multiple egalitarians and a Popularity Gospel preacher, David Hughes was prayed over as well by the same people. This response also comes after he suggests that those partaking in the backlash were violent.

The defiance of the ultimatum was followed up by troubling signs in the same statement which indicated that SBC leadership endorse the Uth’s mission.

I’m thrilled to report that Ronnie, Mike and the other officers of the Executive
Committee have affirmed the plan that God laid on my heart. J.D. also offered his
enthusiastic support. I want to call on every member of our SBC family to join us in
this as well. Join our church as we pray: “Make us one so we can influence many!”
(John 17:21)

The contention over SBC2020 is not ceasing to heat up so far this year, and you can expect us to follow this story through March 31st and beyond.


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  1. Didn’t the SBC have a similar problem in the early 90s? A story about that would be valuable. Ecc. 1:9 There is nothing new under the sun.

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