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The Joshua Harris Deconstruction Grift Joshua Harris, the author of the bestselling I Kissed Dating Goodbye, notoriously deconstructed his faith. Unfortunately the deconstruction of faith is a common issue, so prevalent that the Bible provides ample warning ahead of time. Hebrews 6:1-8 tells us: Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ, let us press on to maturity, not laying again a foundation of […]

Rachel Denhollender blames biblical sexuality for Georgia gunman

In the wake of the massacre in Atlanta, Georgia that left 8 people dead, the media rushed to speculate on the causes and motivations. Big Eva perhaps carried the torch further by legitimizing attacks against the church that the media lauched following this shooting. According to reports, the alleged shooter, Robert Aaron Long, was motivated […]

Polyamory isn’t pursued for noble reasons

It has been said, that polyamory is the next frontier for Biblical sexuality to confront. Though, currently transgenderism and its best friend, pedophilia, are a more omnipresent fight, at least in America, it would not be unwise for pastors to equip themselves to fight the rise of orgy relationship known by the flowery title polyamory. […]

DarkLinks 34: Frustrating setbacks within orthodox evangelicalism

I must lament some the frustration I have with certain things that are going on. Following great strides like a grassroots orthodox organization within the Southern Baptist Convention, the Conservative Baptist Network, it would be nice to capitalize on this strengthened organization, but alas, the theme of this edition of DarkLinks is one highlighting numerous […]

Conversations That Matter: Al Mohler and Social Justice

Jon Harris of Conversations That Matter released a very important video concerning Al Mohler, President of SBTS and frontrunner for the race to become President of the Southern Baptist Convention. There are moments when Al Mohler is very strong and then times that leave you wondering is he capitulating to the Social Justice Gospel’s infiltration […]

DarkLinks 4: Is Hillsong in the closet?

Gay Advocacy Group Says Hillsong Leaders Are Privately Gay-Affirming, But Won’t Publicly Admit It By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte A gay church advocacy group recently stated that there are leaders at Hillsong at all levels who are gay-affirming, but because it’s a controversial subject, they aren’t ready to come forth with it. Why Do […]

Colin Smothers on answering student questions on sexuality

Colin Smothers is the Executive Director of the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. he recently wrote about his experience answering youth questions in rural Indiana about these matters. And what he says is rather interesting anecdotal evidence about young evangelicals. He writes: In between the Sunday services, I had the unique opportunity of speaking to […]

John Pavlovitz’s “Christian” fail in attacking Pro-Life position

The abortion argument is a boring, but crucial argument. When engaging in debate with the pro-abortion side, they usual have three responses. The first is about moral personhood. This classic debate where the pro-abort argues that the unborn is not human. The second response is the classic feminist bumper sticker logic. Basically, unless you’re a […]

Nashville Statement is so basic, it’s controversial

The Nashville Statement was nothing new and should come as no surprise to those who are spiritually mature or familiar with Christianity. However, the uproar over the Articles are just as unsurprising. The statement was a much-needed declaration that the church will not bend to the whims of modern day in its opposition to God’s […]