Evaluating The Evangelical Dark Web SBC22 Predicitions

The Evangelical Dark Web published a slate of predictions ahead of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention. It’s time to break down how they went and why the outcome was what it was. 0-1 Voddie Baucham President of the PC Voddie Baucham narrowly lost his bid to be president of the Pastors Conference. This would end […]

SBC22: Voddie Baucham Rejected By Pastors Conference

The Pastors Conference of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of SBC22, kicked off on Monday with a much anticipated voted on whether Voddie Baucham would become the Pastors Conference President. Voddie Baucham would lose decisively in a ballot vote. 1,357 ballots were cast. 608 for 44.8% and 690 for 50.8%. 59 votes were disallowed 4.4% […]

Final Predictions For 2022 Annual Southern Baptist Convention

https://youtu.be/NoZ1Hag3InY With many key players in the Southern Baptist Convention making the expensive trip to Anaheim, California, a faceoff will ensue between the liberals in the SBC and their conservative counterparts. In the 2021 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, the conservatives helmed by the Conservative Baptist Network were outmaneuvered on the floor and outnumbered in the […]

Tom Ascol to run for SBC President, Voddie Baucham for Pastors Conference

https://youtu.be/d3Fd5LBj3Gk The Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2022 just got a whole lot more interesting, as conservatives have a reignited drive to contend for the liberal Southern Baptist Convention. This began when Ed Litton announced he was not running again in 2022, citing sermongate as a distraction. Willy Rice became the SBC nominee in his […]

Voddie Baucham Declines SBC Presidential Nomination

Last week Ed Litton announced he was not running for president of the Southern Baptist Convention for a second term. In the same news cycle, Willy Rice announced he would be nominated. Rice was immediately vaulted to frontrunner status as he is the liberal candidate in a liberal denomination. The Conservative Baptist Network of Southern […]

Why Voddie Baucham should not be nominated for SBC President

Coming out against the hypothetical, though very possible, nomination of Voddie Baucham for president of the Southern Baptist Convention seems counterintuitive for a Christian to take. I am not writing this as an outright rebuke of Voddie Baucham and his stateside church remaining in the SBC, though they should exit. However I am writing this […]

Voddie Baucham joins Conservative Baptist Network Steering Counsel

In the past, Evangelical Dark Web has reported on the very large number of people on the Conservative Baptist Network Steering Counsel. The latest to join this counsel is Voddie Baucham. The latest move seems aimed at bringing more legitimacy to the last ditch effort to save the Southern Baptist Convention by theologically orthodox Baptists. […]

Did Voddie Baucham Lie or Plagiarize in Fault Lines?

The sermongate scandal of Ed Litton made plagiarism a front and center issue in Evangelicalism when the newly elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention preached the same exact sermon as the outgoing president JD Greear. The theological liberals, AKA apostates, sought to strike back with accusations that Voddie Baucham both plagiarizes and misquotes Richard […]

Voddie Baucham expected to recover

This is one of the stories that, unfortunately, I’ve not gotten around to talking about, but it is one where Christian love is prevalent. Voddie Baucham is one of the finest belligerents we have in fighting the Social Justice Gospel, specifically Critical Race Theory. He has been fighting Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality for nearly […]