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What signers of the Chick-Fil-A petition are saying

With over 700 signatures our Chick-Fil-A, the petition has picked up more steam than we thought we could muster. But it appears our disappointment was widely shared. We thank you all for your support. Please spread the word. If you haven’t signed, we invite you to do so if you agree with our grievance and solutions.

Justin writes:

America needs companies that will stand up for the first amendment. I know that you think this is just about business, but it is more than that. Laws are being passed in states because of your previous steadfastness, laws that could protect future businesses whose owners do not conform perfectly to state-enforced secular values. By caving to the pressure of bullies and opponents of the first amendment, you are failing to set that example for our country, and failing to make your donations based on principle. You are telling opponents to free speech and freedom of religion that money is more important than freedom. This decision is going to hurt your business even more. Grow a backbone, and continue to set a truly good example.
I’m extremely disappointed that Chick Fil A caved and betrayed their values, God, and their supporters


You will never bend far enough over for the left


As a Christian business your founder committed first to Christ and entrusted the welfare of the business to Him. In deciding the biblical values upon which the business was founded no longer apply; you have indeed conformed to the “world’s” standards and failed to entrust to God the well being of your company.
This will not end well.


We would not have a Christian faith today if we gave in every time someone criticized us.


God is not mocked. Neither are faithful customers. Goodbye, Chik-Fil-A; I will no longer drive 20 miles each way to give you my business.


If you cave in to the LGBT pressure groups, I will no longer go out of my way to support you. I admired you for standing on biblical principles. No more. Return to your roots or suffer failure.

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