Dominion Dating: The future online service for discerning Christians

I had the chance to interview Brandon Durham of the controversial feminist angering dating site venture, Dominion Dating. Part of the mission of Evangelical Dark Web is to equip Christians to thrive in an increasingly hostile culture. One of the key areas for this focus is family. And that means marriage. One of the problems I observe is that it’s a rough dating environment out there. Having been married young, I’ve largely avoided this, to which I am thankful. But when a Christian has a plan to create a new dating service to solve these issues, the potential needs to be explored.

Despite being a success story of online dating, Brandon sought to create his own platform recognizing that direct competitors marketed towards Christians do a pitiful job of screening out people who have no business claiming the mantel of Christ. And so Dominion Dating will create a screening process that will have the user have a pastoral recommendation from a church that is doctrinally sound.

Having turned off all of the feminists and other theological liberals, it stands a major concern that Dominion Dating will attract a lot of creeps who could get a pastoral recommendation, ie Josh Duggar. Dating sites naturally attract creeps and catfish. And Dominion Dating seems better equipped to address this concern by seeking to educate the user on safety, creating a reporting system, and a vetting system that could include a background check.

Another hard topic addressed is the “gift of singleness.” Many in Big Eva are trying to glamorize singleness as a gift. Brandon and I go through 1 Corinthians 7:8-9 and discuss how if a person has a romantic or sex drive, they are not called to singleness, and further explained the context of this chapter. Along those lines we also discussed the prolonging of marriage that is a societal notion that is paired with the glorification of singleness. The feminist mantra, “I’m a strong independent woman. I don’t need no man.” has bled into the church. Prolonging marriage and purity culture are incompatible. And this has been unhealthy to men in many regards, like pornography.

So who is the ideal candidate for Dominion Dating? A man that is faithful to Christ and involved in a local church. This man has embraced masculinity and forsaken effeminacy. He is looking for a wife to start a family. For women, the ideal candidate is similar. Except, instead of embracing masculinity, they embrace femininity.

Creating a dating platform that attract the discerning Christians needs to be repulsive to the feminist. Dominion Dating has successfully accomplished this, and hopefully they can execute their concept for its debut in August.

A call to action

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One comment

  1. I’m a little late to the party here, and forgive me if my post is somewhat of a rant, but while this gentleman appears based, I do wonder about the screening process. Let me elaborate.
    I’m 63, and I never married. I won’t sugar coat my gritty words, and I’m not a Protestant for the record. I live in the real world, not the world of Ted Talks, or rainbows and puppy dogs (I’m sure Mr. Chapman will be giving his commentary forthcoming).
    I’m looking at this purely from the men’s perspective now.
    I’d reason that most of the men who’d qualify and use his site would be conservative leaning men from more traditional faith bases, blue collar/trades (I’m sure there’d be professional college degreed men as well), hunting, fishing, NASCAR, ex-military, gun owners; in other words more masculine men (not feminized and woke megachurch soyboys). I’d further reason that most of the men would be in their 30s-40s (maybe a few stragglers in their 50s). So how would they safeguard from some common scenarios I’ve heard about even with E Harmony and Christian Mingle? I’ll cite some examples.
    .Predatory homosexuals trolling these types of sites. Yes, homosexuals either unabashedly cruising for masculine and based men, or looking to gaslight or litigate (think the Jack Phillips case “we’re going to make an example out of you”).
    .The availability of more conservative leaning traditional faith based women?Knowing the penchant Millennial women in particular tend to have for inflated and unrealistic standards (i.e. college educated professional men only, 6’ height minimum, in the top 10% of the dating pool, yada yada). Cultural western church Christian women are just as egregious as, and as complicit in this, as their neopagan or NONES sisters are. Add to this the propensity for said women to vote for progressive candidates and policies.
    .The proliferation of (often young) women who are never married and/or divorced single mothers with children (and often a brood of children by multiple fathers) cruising such a site for noble (and perhaps some naive) traditional faith based men to be ATM machines.
    Just some thoughts of what’s out there, and then the question begs what contingencies are in place to screen this. If I were a younger man looking today, I’d be asking this.


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