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Loudon County arrests parents for opposing transgenderism

Loudon County, Virginia has been a national embarrassment for it’s school board ramming down Critical Race Theory through its public school system. This has been one of the most frequent sources for viral videos of teachers teaching and parents opposing Critical Race Theory in the country. On Tuesday, tensions rose during a public forum over whether to recognize preferred pronouns of students who identify as the opposite gender. According to Fox News, it was a child abusing mother who set off the tensions:

The first half-dozen speakers were in support of policy proposal 8040, but fireworks erupted when the seventh, who identified herself as the mother of a transgender Loudoun student, was booed after saying “hate” was “dripping from the followers of Jesus in this room” – a swipe at Christian parents in the district who have argued that transgender discussions should be held at home and not in public school.

From there the meeting only went downhill from there for the school board. Former State Senator Richard Black would pan them over their support of a targeted harassment campaign that the community conservatives faced for opposing CRT. After that, the school board unanimously voted to end public comments.

In a viral video we see the police pick a fight with a man who appears to have been in an argument with a woman. The police laid hands on the man who was not in any way being physical. In a subsequent arrest as soon as another man points out the fact that the police are assisting the school board in suppressing free speech in an argument with an officer, a sheriff orders the deputies to arrest him.


This is another reason why we cannot back the blue. Police backed unconstitutional lockdowns. And in this instance they are a tool for Cultural Marxists to revolutionize children. These police seem to be aware of this fact and are supporting the school board anyway. Moreover they are bullying the parents who stand up to oppose Critical Race Theory and specifically in this instance transgenderism. These police know that a prosecutor likely will not pursue trespassing charges, but proceeded to bare the sword in vein anyway. Total depravity does not go away because of a magic badge.

Another angle to keep in mind on a story like this is where is the church. It’s safe to assume that their was a strong Christian presence at this tumultuous public forum. And we know that David Platt, the local megachurch pastor in Northern Virginia is a simp for the government. Yet without Big Eva support, this remnant in a socialist hellhole is moving the nation to stomp this ideology out of public schools.


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