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June 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I provide a recap of the previous months and highlight the success and challenges of this ministry. The month of May was a great month, but June was even better. The month of June featured multiple “Superbowl” level events for Evangelicalism with SBC21 and the General Assembly of the PCA. From an earthly perspective, we won some and lost some, but from an eternal godly perspective, we know the church will prevail. The prelude to the Annual Convention filled with even more drama with the Russell Moore letters and the weaponization of sex abuse victims to attack Mike Stone, a sex abuse survivor. This led to a disastrous convention. The failure to rescue the Southern Baptist Convention, in my opinion was the likeliest and second best result. It is better to know that the denomination is lost to theological liberalism than to pretend otherwise. But the PCA, in contrast delivered a critical blow to the Revoice Movement. Romans 8:28 holds true, and both outcomes were good. However, after winning, Ed Litton’s scandals mounted and the world really is watching.

It was a busy month in which every day featured an article as there was never a break in the action.

Quick Stats


This was a record breaking month for the YouTube channel. The channel has grew give or take 20% in one month on subscribers alone, but the view and watch times were incredible as well. Majority of the videos were on the Southern Baptist Convention, with the last video of the month addressing the PCA which like minded channels ie Jon Harris, AD Robles etc, had not addressed at that time. So providing this niche coverage during the events was the reason for much of the late growth as well as SBC coverage. July is so far not slowing down.

On July 5th there will be a livestream on sermongate with a pastor’s perspective. Subscribe to not miss out.


In June, I published the verdict on Francis Chan, and that feels like a long time ago. Having been bogged down in event coverage, I have not started another. I had said that I would want to adapt some older pages into articles. This may happen. But when the events cool down, I’ll want to specifically expose the Revoice Movement and those in it, because this movement has expanded beyond the Presbyterian Church in America. I may return to reader requested verdicts, and if I do, the current frontrunner is Tim Keller.

Site Changes

There are a lot of moving parts in creating new site that will be insulated from Big Tech. And these parts have taken longer to find and put together than anticipated. But the parts are nearly put together. More on this will be announced as the hour approaches. But the changes will hopefully be minimal to reader experience.

Soli Deo Gloria,



4 Responses

  1. Don’t give up on the SBC just yet. With what looks to be slander, and a whole lot of maneuvering, they barely got Ed Litton in as President.

    Now buyer’s remorse is setting in. There could be a healthy backlash at the next Convention.

    1. Naah, the SBC is spinning around the drain now. Their conservatives don’t have the muscle anymore.
      I’d wager the SBC will be ordaining women in the next 3-5 years (look at Warren now), and then openly avowed homosexual clergy soon after. Same for the PCA. I’m usually not too far off base on my analysis. The late Internet Monk predicted the implosion and subsequent fall of evangelicalism. Evangelicals will become religious fraternities, just like the mainline Protestants. Perhaps some of the independent backwoods Baptists will sustain themselves.

  2. Let’s get you to 1000 subs on YouTube by September! Just keep following your heart and stay courageous.

    1. 1000 is the goal for the year which certainly seems on pace (considering growth tents to accelerate.) Thanks!

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