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JD Hall

Responding To JD Hall’s Disqualification


I want to first start off by disclosing the relationship between team Evangelical Dark Web and Protestia, which is to say there isn’t one. I, the founder of Evangelical Dark Web, have never spoken to JD Hall. Moreover, there is neither an official nor unspoken relationship between this ministry and the one JD Hall founded. Protestia has curated articles from Evangelical Dark Web, and I have had David Morrill on a livestream once to discuss SBC22, an experience I would welcome again. I’ve always liked JD Hall, but I never wanted to be like him. When I set out to found Evangelical Dark Web, I wanted to be myself, not an imitation or prodigy of someone else.

JD Hall Is Permanently Disqualified

It was initially reported that JD Hall was disqualified for a Xanax addiction, to my relief. I had thought it was fentanyl. In any case would have made him in violation of 1 Timothy 3:2 by any equitable application. But evidently more is coming out about the situation and police are involved. Allegations have emerged about domestic violence and embezzlement. The latter was a crime committed by Judas himself. Whereas with Xanax, I was under the impression that Hall could return to ministry at all; however, these allegations, if true, should be permanently disqualifying.

Protestia Is Not Guilty Of Hall’s Sin

Theological liberals are jumping on this to blame the rest of the team at Protestia for not knowing Hall’s sin. But Protestia is a remote operation consisting of a team that lives across North America. Considering JD Hall’s decreasing involvement in the ministry, due in large part to his stated lack of interest, they could have easily missed warning signs, especially if Hall tried to bury them. Hall was notoriously of poor health, thus providing cover for his appearance. I have no issues with Protestia carrying on without their founder as their ministry was neither named after nor for him.

How honest was the church?

Is this to say his church should have known? This is certainly a fairer criticism, albeit not one that I will make here. What I will say is that the embezzlement, if true, was likely due to not following basic accounting principles in apparent misguided trust of Hall’s handling of money.

The church did not disclose the other allegations which could easily be construed as misleading the public because they had some knowledge of them. One elder has gone on record disapproving of the church’s handling of it as well as Hall’s adherence to church discipline. The statements issued early this month indicated that JD Hall was conforming to church discipline, but this detail appears to be up in the air. Attendance has reportedly dropped 50% at Fellowship Baptist Church.

Is JD Hall A False Teacher?

The Evangelical Dark Web has a category system, like a hurricane, for this question that we have called the false teacher rating scale. Categories 4 and 5 are considered false teachers, not to be considered saved, whereas Category 3 is considered up in the air. JD Hall would be a Category 2 which encompasses those who are disastrously not qualified to be pastors and or those who raise major doctrinal questions. Whereas Hall’s theology is sound from a reformed perspective, he clearly fits the majorly disqualified part. JD Hall is a Category 2.

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