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Mike Todd

Is Michael Todd A Modalist Or Just Dumb?

Not all false teachers are intelligent. Where in the past I wrote that Levi Lusko was highly intelligent, the same cannot be said of Michael Todd who clumsily explained the Holy Trinity in a blasphemous and heretical way. Evangelical Dark Web first exposed Mike Todd as a false teacher in March 2020 before he blew up in fame in April 2020. In a sermon that only recently went viral, Todd explains his view of the Holy Spirit. The analogy that got many people’s attention is when he used the three states of matter using water as an example. This got panned because Michael Todd used dry ice to represent water in a gaseous form. One would think that a pastor with fog machines in his church would know that that the dry ice used to make fog is actually frozen carbon dioxide.

What I learned in sixth grade is something Mike Todd, as a grown man who deals with dry ice often, is apparently unaware of. However there is a glaring problem with this analogy to explain the Trinity. Water cannot be liquid, solid, and gas at the same time. A water molecule is always going to be in one state. This analogy lends itself to modalism because modalism teaches that God changes forms.

However, Michael Todd does believe all of the Trinity exists at one time. The way that he explains this is wrestling, whereby partner wrestlers tag each other in. This off course presupposes that only one of the godhead is active at a single time. According to Todd, God The Father worked seven days of creation before tapping out, pretty much ignoring God’s active hand in the Old Testament. Then Jesus was active for 33 years in which when He uttered the words, “it is finished.” on the cross, He tapped out despite still rising from the grave, spending another forty days on earth and promising a second coming. Ever since, it’s been the Holy Spirit who is active while the Father and the Son are seated.

The Lord’s Prayer in which Jesus modeled praying to the Father, shows that even though He is seated on the throne in Heaven, He is still sovereign here on earth. Mike Todd’s underlying premise is that if Jesus is not here on earth, He has no power here on earth. This premise is both incorrect and heretical.

So to answer the initial question, perhaps Mike Todd’s beliefs don’t fall neatly into modalism, but this is a trinitarian heresy, nonetheless. And it is a heresy made both out of stupidity and a carnal mind.

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  1. He is much more concerned with the marketing of his product instead of product quality. His sermons are really acts he performs on stage to entertain an audience. Like the teacher at school who goes “hey kids see isn’t science neat” with flashy experiments trying to relate to his class by being cool. I think its extremely dangerous for pastors to try be more like the world as a way to grow their congregation. Are people showing up because they’re being fed, or entertained? Plus, Christianity isn’t cool, nor should it be. And unfortunately it seems to be spreading. I’m seeing way too many 50-60 year-old preachers in skinny jeans and sketchers (or whatever the hip sneakers are these days).

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