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Daniel Darling

Daniel Darling “Glad To See” Abortion Go Unpunished

Daniel Darling has been a Big Eva player for a while. Not only did he pimp the unsafe and ineffective Covid jabs, he’s also not actually pro-life. This was evident when he celebrated Ketanji Brown-Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. But it’s furthermore evident when he celebrated seeing that the Virginia Attorney General would not prosecute women he got illegal abortions.

Republican Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares said at Virginia’s March For Life in the in Richmond, Virginia, that he opposed the idea of prosecuting women for abortion. This idea is antithetical to the pro-life movement that believes that the unborn should receive equal protection under the law. Moreover, killing a pregnant women’s child in otherwise a chargeable offense in most states outside of the abortion context, making Miyares’ position logically untenable.

“The pro-life message is one of compassion. And there have been some voices in this country saying we should prosecute women who make the decision to have an abortion. That is not right.”

Jason Miyares on abortions

Out of compassion, the Attorney General of Virginia chooses to pervert justice and be in the minority side of the pro-life movement.

Daniel Darling tweeted that he was glad to see this, and he was immediately ratio’d on Twitter for this take. Daniel Darling appealed to Richard Land’s position on abortion in response. It’s important to note that Daniel Darling works for the Land Center, which is named after Richard Land.

Moreover, Richard Land is not that pro-life. Land, in boasting his pro-life bona fides wrote about how he counseled a couple to abort their unborn child because a ghoulish ER doctor wanted them to in order to “save the life” of the mother. Richard Land is not with biblical on this issue, and neither is Daniel Darling who is glad to see abortion continue to go unpunished.

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