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Liberty Safe Hates You

Liberty Safe has a naturally conservative customer base. The arrest of Nathan Hughes in the government’s witch hunt for January 6, involved the compliance of Liberty Safe, a gun safe manufacturer that complied with the FBI to provide an access code to the safe. The allegation was first raised by the Hodge Twins.

Liberty Safe responded with their own statement.

A warrant to search the property is not the same as a court order demanding that Liberty Safe provide the codes. Despite claiming to be for the 2nd Amendment, Liberty Safe will indulge the government if they simply ask nicely.

A more obvious concern is the existence of a backdoor code on a safe that the company programed and could therefore subsequently provide to law enforcement. The very existence of this is an unacceptable security risk for a high end product.

Many conservatives are calling for a boycott of Liberty Safes, calling them the next Bud Light. They similarly angered their customer base by larping as pro gun rights, yet are ultimately owned by a liberal parent company.

This is definitely the new Black Rifle Coffee Company more so than Bud Light. Although BRCC remains a sponsor for multiple Conservative Inc figures.

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