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Nikki Haley Gets Burned Going After Ron DeSantis In Third GOP Debate

The Third GOP Primary Debate was hosted by NBC News, and their liberal hosts immediately set the tone that they were going to be more professional than the liberal moderators at Fox News, and exceeded the low threshold. Doug Bergum failed to qualify for the debate, and Mike Pence dropped out. The five candidates opposed to Donald Trump took the stage: Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott, and Chris Christie.

Chris Christie For Jersey Mikes

I have to give credit where it is due; when it comes to subs, there’s no candidate I trust more than Chris Christie. Christie had a good moment in which he was asked about how the US Navy should build to match China’s now larger fleet. Christie’s answer was to emphasize nuclear submarines.

This answer resonates with history as Americans pioneered subs against the British during the American Revolution. The Kriegsmarine developed an extensive U-boat program to counteract the supremacy of the Royal Navy. The Imperial Japanese Navy also had an extensive submarine program, but their war doctrine handcuffed their potential to interrupt merchant trade.

With unmanned boats, aerial drones, and satellite reconnaissance, going deeper in the ocean is the most historically precedented way to counteract a naval disadvantage. If anything Christie undersold his answer.

Tim Scott’s Girlfriend Sighted

Tim Scott perhaps gave his best performance yet, schooling NBC on the fact that oil is a speculative market. He managed not to sound cringy as Mike Pence does when incorporating Scripture. It comes across as pandering to Evangelicals. Most memorable, his girlfriend made an appearance.

Vivek vs Haley

The beef between Vivek Ramaswamy and Nikki Haley went personal as Ramaswamy performed in attacking Nikki Haley for being a neocon. On TikTok, Ramaswamy pointed out that Haley’s own daughter used the app, which Haley did not appreciate. She would call Ramaswamy scum during the debate.

Haley vs DeSantis

DeSantis performed well but some of his most notable moments came when they traded barbs on China and the environment.

DeSantis mentioned how soft on China Nikki Haley was as governor of South Carolina. Haley responded by going after Ron DeSantis for a now-defunct agency. It did not go well.

Moreover, Nikki Haley went after Ron DeSantis on the issue of fracking because Ron DeSantis would not frack… the Everglades. She tried this in Florida.


The environment of the primary was reset by the 2023 Election results. So it’s not clear how much this debate will change the race. Two of the campaigns on the stage, Scott and Christie aren’t gaining any traction. Vivek peaked a long time ago. It’s clear that it’s a three man race.

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