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Christian Post Urges Congress To Fund Ukraine

Nothing quite encapsulates not understanding what time it is quite like supporting Ukraine as an American. Being asked to support the nation that laundered money for Democrats, our domestic enemies, so they can fight a nation that was accused of helping a Republican president get elected is about as politically expedient as Republicans funding Planned Parenthood all those years who would then turn and use their assets to get Democrats elected. Indeed funding Ukraine is an unpopular position in right-wing politics because of diminished support for the Ukrainian regime and the globalism that they represent.

Yet the Christian Post is a neoconservative outlet, with Israel first, Ukraine second, and America somewhere down the list of priorities. A column in the Christian Post goes after what it believes is a false dichotomy between securing our border and Ukraine’s border.

U.S. leaders are locked in a power struggle over whether to prioritize helping Ukraine or addressing the crisis on our Southern border.

I believe we need to do both — urgently.

The problem with this argument is that even if the Southern border were secured, there would be no justification for America to fund or back Ukraine in its war. Don Donaldson, the author of the column, appeals to emotion by touting a story of a refugee who wound up in Poland. But when the article returns to America, he applies the language of refugees to illegal aliens.

We’re witnessing an either/or negotiating strategy, and it works like this: Either we address our own chaos at the Southern border that appears to be a growing threat to our national security, or we continue to support the Ukrainian war effort against Putin. Many ideologues demand we can’t or shouldn’t do both. 

Now, I certainly agree with those on Capitol Hill who warn the status quo with the migrant crisis is unacceptable. Security must always remain a priority. Yet that doesn’t mean a compassionate humanitarian response to those seeking refuge here has to be on the chopping block. An orderly system must prevail over extreme positions in either direction.

The Christian Post column is advocating for amnesty for illegal immigrants here. Look closer at the language. Donaldson uses “migrant crisis” as opposed to “invasion” and refers to the invaders as “seeking refuge” in the United States. Mass deportation would be an extreme position within these frameworks, let alone lethal and forcible prevention of entry.

The solution to immigration is one of amnesty, but even worse, this proposal is a mere means to get Congress to continue funding the liberal Ukrainian regime. His moral reasoning for this is the post-War consensus and appeal to democracy as a superior and moral form of government.

Yet I believe America, as the de facto global guardian of democracy, must also continue to support Ukraine. Putin’s heartless assault on a free nation must not go unanswered.

This is certainly not an either/or situation, especially considering Putin has made it clear his real enemy isn’t Ukrainians, a people whose national identity he denies. His real enemy, he says, is NATO and the West. He and his henchmen regularly flaunt the nuclear saber at the West. We pray that’s a bluff, of course. But do we dare dismiss it? 

The growing list of countries whose sovereignty Putin has threatened includes Moldova, Romania, the Baltics, Poland, and the United Kingdom, to name only a few. 

Now, I realize that with Russia’s military setbacks in Ukraine, Putin’s imperial ambitions may strike some as absurd. But let us not forget that Western intelligence agencies largely dismissed the probability of a Russian invasion of Ukraine — until Putin launched the largest assault on a European country since WWII. 

This brings to mind one of WWII’s most tragic lessons: If your enemy declares he wants to annihilate you, believe him.

As an American, Hitler’s revanchist ambitions do not move the needle. The only reason America declared war on Germany in World War II was because Hitler declared war on the United States following Pearl Harbor in an unforced blunder. The American hand was then forced to enter the European theater.

JOINT RESOLUTION Declaring That a State of War Exists Between The Government of Germany and the Government and the People of the United States and Making Provisions To Prosecute The Same

Whereas the Government of Germany has formally declared war against the Government and the people of the United States of America:

Therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the state of war between the United States and the Government of Germany which has thus been thrust upon the United States is hereby formally declared; and the President is hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire naval and military forces of the United States and the resources of the Government to carry on war against the Government of Germany; and, to bring the conflict to a successful termination, all of the resources of the country are hereby pledged by the Congress of the United States.

Yet the idea that Ukraine is a free nation is utterly absurd on its face. The nation actively persecutes the church, political opposition parties, and American journalists. Their persecution of ethnic Russians was a major provocation that led to war. In turn, Ukraine advances the globohomo agenda of liberalism. Moreover, in a disturbing recent event, their TV channel aired a satanic music video on Orthodox Christmas Eve.

Yet Christian Post wants us to believe that they are the good guys in this conflict. Miss me with that and open borders amnesty.

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