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Rob Reiner Reveals Anti-Christian Nationalist Film Ends With Pro-Abortion Pastor Showing Christians The Way

The upcoming anti-Christian Nationalist film God and Country was produced by the Jewish atheist Rob Reiner. The trailer showcased several liberal Evangelicals and mainline pastors. Phil Vischer feigned not knowing Reiner’s involvement in the film even though he bankrolled the film from the beginning, even under a different name. Vischer brought Reiner on for an interview to explain why he wanted to make the film.

During the course of the interview, Rob Reiner argues that he’s not making an anti-Christian film. He believes that Jesus’s teachings can be summarized by the “do unto others.” Reiner believes that if you follow this, you do not need the Ten Commandments. He also believes the teachings of Christ have great crossover appeal with other religions. He argues that Christian Nationalism gets away from “do unto others” and therefore is anti-Christian. Examples to back this up are not given.

Rob Reiner reveals that the end of the movie will be a message from William Barber trying to show Christians the way to engage in politics without compromising Christianity. William Barber is, unsurprisingly, a rabid liberal activist. There’s a Woke Preacher Clip for William Barber, or should we say several.


Inspiration of Rob Reiner’s Anti-Christian Nationalist Movie Admits To Not Knowing Christian Theology

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  1. Do unto others? Sure, Reiner. Unborn human beings are my neighbors, so to do unto others like them I oppose them being crushed and dismembered. I wouldn’t want to be slaughtered like that, so I seek to protect them from slaughter as well.

    “Christian” Leftists like Barber can’t go two sentences without mocking their own views and those of the real Jesus.

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