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SBC on fire

Mike Keahbone To Be Nominated For Southern Baptist President

The race for Southern Baptist president is heating up, as Bart Barber will be term-limited after serving two terms. So far Clint Pressley has announced his candidacy. This was a long-anticipated move. However, he is not the only man in the race vying for the liberal voting bloc of the Southern Baptist Convention. Perhaps an even more liberal competitor has emerged in Mike Keahbone.

Bart Barber admitted that the narrative used to win him the SBC presidency was untrue in Jacksonville last week. Yet that is not stopping Mike Keahbone from using the fake sex abuse narrative in the SBC to achieve denominational clout.

When Bart Barber appointed the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force, Keahbone was made Vice Chair. Keahbone is a Native American pastor of FBC Lawton, OK. He was an ardent advocate of Resolution 4 at the SBC 2022, the one rehashing “abuses” against native peoples. Upon the overturn of Roe, he tweeted “We can celebrate without hurting people.” In response to the plagiarism trolling at the SBC convention, he tweeted a thread simping for Ed Litton. Mike Keahbone was an ardent defender of the Southern Baptist Convention’s involvement with Guidepost Solutions, a sodomy affirming law firm hired to make moral judgments and recommendations for the convention violating 1 Corinthians 6. At SBC23, Mike Keahbone cried to manipulate the messengers.

Simply put, he is easily the most liberal effeminate man in the race. It will be interesting to see if he places ahead of Pressley.

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2 Responses

  1. What do you mean by fake sex abuse narratives? Are you saying that people who are saying they are abused are lying or something else?

    1. The report found nothing, even Bart Barber testified as much. Jennifer Lyell is a fake abuse victim. Hannah Kate Williams is a compulsive liar. Paige Patterson was innocent. Johnny Hunt is not actually accused of sex abuse. Which just leaves Paul Pressler who was, but this was previously known.

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