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By The Numbers: How Much The Biden Administration Hates Christianity

As the Biden Administration marks various holidays and observances, a curious trend has emerged. A closer examination of the President’s statements on Transgender Day of Visibility, Passover, Ramadan, and Easter reveals a disparity in word count and tone that is hard to ignore.

On March 29, the Biden Administration released a statement commemorating Transgender Day of Visibility, clocking in at a substantial 639 words. The statement was a powerful declaration of support for the transvestite community, acknowledging the struggles faced by transvestites and reaffirming the administration’s commitment to protecting their rights.

In contrast, the administration’s statements on religious holidays were noticeably shorter. The Passover statement, released on April 21, totaled 501 words, while the Ramadan statement, issued on March 22, was a brief 246 words. Perhaps most striking, however, was the Easter statement, which consisted of a mere 94 words.

A word count more than 6 times that of the Resurrection was used to celebrate transvestites demonstrating what little importance Joe Biden places on God.

H/T: Ben Zeisloft for pointing this out.

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