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Russell Brand

Russell Brand Announces Baptism Today

Russell Brand is a well-known British comedian, actor, writer, and activist. He first gained popularity in the UK as a stand-up comedian and later became famous worldwide for his roles in various Hollywood movies. Brand is also known for his outspoken views on politics, spirituality, and mental health. He has written several books on these topics and is a regular contributor to various newspapers and magazines. During Covid, Brand emerged as a supporter of freedom in opposition to much of Hollywood and the media. Despite being a controversial figure, Brand remains a popular and influential public figure, known for his charismatic personality and unique sense of humor.

A few days ago Russell Brand announced his baptism would be happening this Sunday.

He did not mention where he was doing it or what tradition. But this is encouraging news.

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One Response

  1. good for Russell. However he is something of a universalist and ecumenicist – although he probably hasn’t any idea what this means and why it is not a good thing. I believe he is genuine, but i would hope that he takes Christianity seriously and studies the Bible properly and comes to understand the problems he will have if he continues to subscribe to false beliefs – in particular, the scourge of celebrities, buddhism .

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