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Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis Attacks Steve Cruz For Biblical Position On Abortion

Jenna Ellis is famous for being a Trump election lawyer who parlayed political prestige into being the face of Grace Community Church’s lawsuit against California. Despite her ties to the MacArthur world, Jenna Eillis would take a feminist position on abortion to dunk on Christians who believe that abortion is actually murder.

The story begins with Right Wing Watch posting this absolute banger from Steve Cruz talking with Ben Zeisloft.

Jenna Ellis joined Right Wing Watch in dunking on Steve Cruz for arguing that women who kill their own children deserve death penalty. Cruz was making a point about the pro-life movement placating to abortive mothers treating them as second victims.

Jenna Ellis comes in to struggle session Cruz and Zeisloft misapplying Imago Dei, as God makes clear in Genesis 9:6 how precious Imago Dei is. Steve Cruz believes it. Jenna Ellis less so.

Jenna Ellis is a girl boss who has zero firm footing in politics and has little idea how to apply faith to the arena. So it’s unsurprising she doesn’t treat abortion like it’s murder.

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5 Responses

  1. It makes you begin to better understand why, by God’s law, the sexual immorality behind the murder of the unborn is also a death penalty offense. The fornicating man was put to death regardless. The woman only if she consented, and she was presumed not to have consented unless proven otherwise. (Duet 22) For men it is always consensual, and men are always guilty.

    This is why you can’t pick and choose when to follow God’s standards vs the world’s standards when and where it’s convenient. Yes, women who murder their children, born or unborn, should face severe punishment, up to and including the death penalty. So should men and women who are sexually immoral.

    Biblically, men bear the brunt of the responsibility and accountability. Both responsibility for the sexual immorality, and responsibility for the mother and child. And you can’t leave that out of a discussion about abortion.

    Women like Ellis will balk at calls to punish women for killing their children, because it’s not fair to them, and the sad truth is they’re right. It isn’t. Men are encouraged and often expected to go sleeping around. And rather than calling men to repentance. the solution of the sexual revolution was to just murder babies so women could go sleeping around also.

    Now it has reached the point where it’s considered fine to kill the child 5 minutes before birth, and cold-blooded murder to kill the child 5 minutes after. When the truth is is just as much cold-blooded murder before birth as it is after.

    Where a child isn’t welcomed, outside the bounds of God’s design for marriage, there shouldn’t have been any sexual activity in the first place.

    If you’re going to have a Christian nation governed by God’s standards, you need to consider these things. His standards work as a whole. You can’t pick and choose.

    Ignoring the biblical responsibility of men, and failing to call men to lead holy lives honorable to the Lord, is to just give more fodder to the feminists. They’ll continue to scream “it’s not fair”, and they’ll be somewhat correct about it, to a significant degree.

    1. I’d go as far to say that, in most all cases, whatever punishment the mother might be due, the father would be due the same punishment or worse. And I believe that principle is in line with scripture.

  2. It’s hard to ignore the irony of right wing watch drawing attention to the matter, considering the fact that the baby slaughter industry in this country comes directly from the eugenicist movements of the early 20th century, including the eugenicist nazis.

    It is said the nazis started their eugenics program when the parents of a disabled child wrote to Hitler asking if they could kill their child. The murdered child’s name was Gerhard Herbert Kretschmar.

    1 second before birth = good
    1 second after birth = nazi

    Who among the folks at RWW, I wonder, would say that the murderous nazis didn’t deserve the death penalty.

    1. Of course, the baby slaughterers have to argue for up to birth, or even until the umbilical cord is cut, or even until the child is taken into custody and put into foster care, otherwise “my body, my choice” no longer holds water, and they have to admit that at some point they shouldn’t have a choice.

      That’s basically the argument those parents made to Hitler – “Our bodies, our choice” As a matter of their own convenience …

      The nazis don’t fit in our commonly accepted political model of left and right, imo. They’re called right wing, and I’m sure the people at RWW think they were right wing, but they were collectivists, hated capitalism, hated banks and wall street (which they believed were controlled by a secret Jewish cabal), were darwinists, eugenicists, encouraged sexual immorality, and many of them were homosexual (just about the entire SA).

      But it’s hard not to notice how among collectivists, whether considered left or right, there’s always a undercurrent of severe selfishness.

      The murder of the unborn is one example of that extreme selfishness, from the sexual immorality all the way through to the slaughter of the child. It’s extreme selfishness.

      Intentionally ending the life of one’s own offspring, a living human being, as a matter of convenience, saying “MY body, MY choice”. Does it get any more selfish?

      It makes you wonder, what other wickedness would they justify in the name of their own selfishness and convenience. Or rather, is there any amount of wickedness they wouldn’t …

      1. About like the poster here who bellyaches about Jews and usury.

        I wonder, how stupid can one get …

        Show me anywhere on this planet where you can get a loan without interest. If you want a loan without interest, family and friends, fellow Christians, is about your only chance. And nothing is stopping Christians from loaning to one another without interest. It’s not illegal. There are over 2 billion of us. There are a whopping 16 million Jews.

        Nobody forced you to take a credit card at 20% interest. Nobody forced you to buy that new $100,000 truck. Nobody made you buy that $800,000 house. Supply and demand. If there’s no demand for high-interest loans, then guess what happens. Right now the fed is keeping interest rates high in order to try to discourage people from taking loans, in order to try to bring down inflation. That’s not the doing of Jews. It’s the doing of idiots in Washington, who spent us into this mess, printing money to the point that the dollar buys half what it bought just a few years ago. Heaping on regulations. Intentionally constricting economic activity by going to war against so-called “fossil” fuels. Now we’re just about stuck in stagflation the likes of which we had under Carter (who, as it so happens, is not a fan of Jews)

        Jews, as a whole, didn’t have a darned thing to do with any of it anymore than anyone else.

        Such a small number, there are probably more bank branches on this planet than there are Jews. If each one were staffed by only one Jew, there wouldn’t be enough people to staff all locations.

        Meanwhile, the four largest banks on the planet are all Chinese, accounting for nearly 20 trillion in assets.

        It’s stupid

        But that’s the same thing the nazis believed. They were selfish, greedy, envious, wanted what belonged to others. There’s always a strong undercurrent of severe selfishness.

        There’s always an undercurrent of sin …

        And the desire to put the burden of our own sins onto the shoulders of a scapegoat …

        Yes, excessive usury is sinful. Among one’s household, relatives, and church family, any usury is sinful, especially if the lender is wealthy and the borrower not. No, Jews aren’t to blame for high inflation and excessive usury anymore than anyone else.

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