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Russell Brand real or fake

Russell Brand Showcases Tarot Cards After Being Baptized

On Sunday Russell Brand was baptized according to his announcement. Yet in the immediate attention of his newfound profession of faith, Russell Brand posted an odd contemplative video featuring tarot cards. The famous comedian and actor is the latest high-profile celebrity baptism.

He concludes the video describing his baptism experience by saying that he’s grateful to be surrendered in Christ. Yet prior to posting this video in which he contrasts Baptism with substance abuse, he posted this:

Russell Brand provocatively shows off a tarot card in the video. While tarot cards find their origins and associations with the occult, a fact that cannot be ignored. Historically, tarot cards were used for divination and fortune-telling, often in conjunction with spiritual or mystical practices. The imagery and symbolism found on tarot cards are deeply rooted in esoteric traditions, drawing from a variety of mythological, astrological, and alchemical sources.

Russell Brand states that many Christians believe that tarot cards are occultic heresy, and asks the audience what they think about them. Russell Brand describes how tarot cards can give insight into one’s self, but the overall takeaway from the video is Russell Brand advocating focusing on the things of God instead of yourself concluding that people not focusing on exhibiting the attributes of God feel anxious. Yet it cannot be ignored that Russell Brand concluded this using tarot cards.

Brand then asks his audience about “hybrid modalities” whereby Christianity is used alongside occultic New Age practices. Brand jokes about using hybrid models, acknowledging the occult but seems to be asking questions out of genuine curiosity rather than taking a position. For Brand, tarot cards appear to be a longstanding habit.

Russell Brand is like Simon the Magician right now. If his faith is genuine, sanctification will lead him from his occultic practices. If it is fraudulent, then he will not be. But this is a major test of his faith.

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  1. Even though I was skeptical of his true conversion, I still hoped it was genuine. But I certainly didn’t expect it to go off the rails in under 2 days.

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