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David French Whines About Being Canceled In NY Times Article

Last month, David French was canceled from speaking at this week’s Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly. It was a major victory in dealing a blow to David French’s influence and possibly other liberals in Big Eva like Curtis Chang and Russell Moore. David French has now broken his silence about the incident, complaining about being canceled while writing for the NY Times.

In an article titled, “The Day My Old Church Canceled Me Was a Very Sad Day,” David French pretends to not have disdain for the tradition he left and since insulted repeatedly.

This week, the leaders of the Presbyterian Church in America will gather in Richmond, Va., for their annual General Assembly. The Presbyterian Church in America is a small, theologically conservative Christian denomination that was my family’s church home for more than 15 years.

It just canceled me.

I am now deemed too divisive to speak to a gathering of Christians who share my faith. I was scheduled to speak about the challenges of dealing with toxic polarization, but I was considered too polarizing.

I was originally invited to join three other panelists on the topic of “how to be supportive of your pastor and church leaders in a polarized political year.” One of the reasons I was invited was precisely that I’ve been the target of intense attacks online and in real life.

The instant my participation was announced, those attacks started up again. There were misleading essays, vicious tweets, letters and even a parody song directed at the denomination and at me. The message was clear: Get him off the stage.

And that’s what the conference organizers chose to do. They didn’t just cancel me. They canceled the entire panel. But the reason was obvious: My presence would raise concerns about the peace and unity of the church.

Apparently someone made a parody song of Rich Men North of Richmond based on this incident. I must thank David French for highlighting this.

David French’s estrogen levels are off the charts in his whiny lament. Unsurprisingly, he waited until the PCAGA was nigh to publish an attack piece against them.

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