May 2020 EDW Report

Every month, in providing transparency to our readers about our progress and direction, as well as things that are coming. Today we are reporting that April was our best month ever according to every metric. We were able to build upon trends from the April and March with regards to search engine optimization. We were […]

October 2019 EDW Report

Greetings all, It’s been two months since Evangelical Dark Web launched, and we owe it to our readers and supporters to let them know the progress we’ve made and the directions we are going in. In the spirit of transparency and accountability, let us disclose and evaluate the success or shortcomings of EDW. Quick Stats […]

RIP Startup Christ. Something New Is Coming!

Over the past two years, I have been maintaining at Startup Christ. Startup Christ was initially founded for the Christian Entrepreneur. But in two years, while there has been growth, it was not sufficiently satisfying for me. Lately I have been reevaluating Startup Christ and its purpose. While entrepreneurship is a powerful tool to better […]

Interview with Christopher Shaw

I was given the opportunity to interview Christopher Shaw. He is the director of the upcoming movie, Church People. Church People is “romantic comedy satire” about a celebrity youth pastor caught up in the marketing machine of his mega church. In the interview, Christopher discusses the redemptive story arc involving what is a sad reality within churches today. […]

Announcement: Startup Christ Presents Debut Wednesday 3/13/19!

Startup Christ is launching a Youtube series with regards to its interviews. The series will debut on the new channel, Christianity Visualized. More details on Christianity Visualized to come. For now, please subscribe to their channel here. Episode 1 of Startup Christ Presents will feature our interview with Christopher Shaw, the director of the upcoming […]

Why ‘Church People’ is a must see faith-based film

There have definitely have been an increase in faith based films being produced. Both the quality and the success of this genre has made significant gains. However, the overwhelming majority, if not all, of these prominent movies have been serious movies. In the near future, the movie Unplanned will come out, tackling the abortion issue. This comes […]

Announcement: Interviews Coming

Startup Christ will be expanding its online presence by performing a series of interviews with influential Christians who aren’t necessarily behind the pulpit. Just to be up front, there may be occasional exceptions to overtly Christian influencers. There are two main reasons why we want to do this. The first is that there is so […]

Startup Christ Status Report November 2018

It’s been nearly six months since I gave a formal update on the status of Startup Christ. Back in late June we launched on the WordPress platform, following a change in our host. The new site has a new design, better for mobile browsing and exploring content. This change paired excellently with our launched twitter account. […]

Standard Oil: A case study of why monopolies are good

In school, you learn that in an unregulated free market, monopolies arise and consumers lose. But how true is this assertion? In theory, a monopoly means that one company can then price gauge consumers and consumers lose, right? But how true is this theory? John D Rockefeller is well known and well villainized for his […]

Startup funding: Friends, Family, Fools

In answering the problem of how to fund your business venture, the classic startup funding option if you haven’t the means available is to seek the three Fs: Friends, Family, and Fools.  Too often family arrangements are done unprofessionally and that can destroy both a family and a business. In truth, entrepreneurs ought to be […]