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May 2020 EDW Report

Every month, in providing transparency to our readers about our progress and direction, as well as things that are coming. Today we are reporting that April was our best month ever according to every metric. We were able to build upon trends from the April and March with regards to search engine optimization. We were also able to provide information to the multitudes who looked up Michael Todd who went viral last late April for resetting his “Relationship Goals” series prior to his book release.

Mike Todd was very much a theme in May as we responded in length to someone who took issue with our verdict on him. Moreover, we found that his church removed the faith statement on his website, causing us to dig through the web archives to replace the link on our work. So this verdict was updated with a new link to an archived version that they cannot remove. We exposed this move in our most recent video.

It would also appear at the very end of May, Chris Hodges, the shady pastor in Alabama we did a verdict on, made some comments that called into question whether he is racist or not. We do not particularly care to weigh in, but we are getting a lot of traffic as a result. And this verdict could surpass Mike Todd’s in June.

Quick Stats


Statement of Faith

So after several months of saying that a statement of faith was coming, in May it finally arrived. Check it out here.


As a discernment site, we have seen a lot of success, and there have been a lot of reader requests. Due to the volume, we cannot do them all, at least not in a timely fashion, especially as we had to focus on other areas in May such as revisiting one verdict and covering the SBTS scandal. In addition to the number of requests, request are coming with multiple teachers at a time, so we have to change the way we are doing this. Effective immediately, we will be doing verdicts according to the mode responses as opposed to the order of responses. The request a verdict page will be updated as a result. In following this announcement, a verdict on Dharius Daniels is currently underway.

Video Content

Currently we are still figuring out the most effective direction for growing our YouTube presence. The two most recent videos ranked fourth and fifth in May, which is promising. The channel Christianity Visualized is supposed to be an embodiment of our motto, theologically sound, culturally relevant. I want to do more videos on discernment, as those get the most views, but using pop culture as a launching point for a discussion on worldview has potential if the right characters and films are selected. It’s possible, I’ll do a video on War Room, a review of I Can Only Imagine, or discuss the worldview of a main character in HBO’s The Wire.


It seems as though more coverage on the SBTS scandal should be expected. I have been reading through Dr. Hernandez’s dissertation to see for myself what was so problematic. I want to create content on that whether written video or talking to someone else who read it. Otherwise at least one verdict answered this month and hopefully two videos.


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