Russell Moore’s Butthurt Intensifies It’s been a rough 2022 for Russell Moore. After being fully jabbed, this hobbit caught COVID a second time. Additionally, the disdain for Francis Collins, his homeboy, has become mainstream in Evangelicalism. (Note: Francis Collins won Church Villain of the year over Russell Moore) This has diminished the credibility of leaders who touted a […]

God Smote Thy Branch Covidian, Heather McDonald It’s not often we see a providential act of God after someone misuses the name of Jesus, but Heather McDonald would be a rare and impactful example of someone being brought down after committing such hubris. Heather McDonald during a comedy show bragged about how jabbed she was on stage and then said, “Jesus […]

Tim Keller Promotes Stephen Colbert’s False Gospel Tim Keller took to Twitter to affirm the faith and Christian witness of Stephen Colbert. To call Stephen Colbert a comedian would imply that he is funny. He’s not. Stephen Colbert is a televangelist for the Branch Covidian Cult. He is bought by Pfizer and hold no Christian convictions in his political beliefs. Yet […]

Why Pastors Should Be More Like Truckers! Over the weekend and through this week, the Freedom Convoy was organized and arrived at Ottawa in protest of the socialist nation’s jab mandate and other restrictive measures. Truckers from all over Canada descend on the capital, amassing support numbering upwards of 10K protesters with spectators lining the highways to support their passage. Their […]

Fully Jabbed Russell Moore Catches COVID Again! The world’s most renown hobbit theologian, Russell Moore has tested positive for COVID again, despite being fully jabbed. This would be Moore’s second breakthrough case. Russell Moore has been a passionate supporter of Branch Covidianism over the last two years. So for him to catch it yet again is hilarious. The comment section argues (ironically) that […]

Reject Neoconservatism! Let Ukraine Fall To Russia. Neoconservative are sounding the drums of war so that others may die for a corrupt country that is not even our ally. This height of incompetency in foreign policy would only be exceeded if America sought regime change in Russia. I take the time to examine Erick Erickson’s support for Ukrainian intervention, after pointing […]

JD Greear laments Christians leaving his woke church At Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, JD Greear gave a chapel sermon bashing his church to an audience of future pastors. The sermon raises the question as to how much Summit Church is hemorrhaging members as a result of JD Greear’s regular wokeness and Branch Covidianism. It’s worth mentioning that JD Greear has a church […]

Erick Erickson Tries To Pretend He Isn’t A Branch Covidian

To those unfamiliar with politics, Erick Erickson is a political commentator with an overlap and foot in the world of Big Eva. Another way to put it is that he is a less potent, slightly more conservative version of David French. So in addition to siming for Beth Moore, he has also been a vicious […]

Tony Evans’ Hypocritical Stance Against Vaccine Mandates On the Sunday prior to the Supreme Court finding technicality in the Biden “vaccine” requirement, both through OSHA and CMS, Christian Post decided to run an article about how Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas talked about the jab mandates. Naturally, because he is a high-profile megachurch pastor, Christian Post instinctively […]

Who Really Hates Their Neighbor?

It is from an often-unappreciated verse in Leviticus that Jesus offers a summation of the commandments in Matthew 22. How many pastors will actually go in between those two uncomfortable passages of sexual sin found in Leviticus to pull out the full context Jesus referenced in the gospels? Nothing Jesus said should have been profound, […]