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Christ Is King Is Not Black Lives Matter There has been a low IQ attempt to label the mantra “Christ Is King” as a “Black Lives Matter” truism rather than a good in and of itself. Yesterday, both James Lindsay and Jenna Ellis were confronted for this nonsensical take, but so too is Michael O’Fallon pushing this narrative as the three are in […]

Conservative Inc. Declares “Christ is King” Antisemitic

Conservative Inc. must have gotten The Call. Because in a matter of days, tweets have gone out from various pundits regarding the slogan “Christ is King” or “Jesus is King.” And all of a sudden, many in Conservative Inc are spouting off ADL talking points in claiming that these slogans are antisemitic. Whether this is […]

Doug Wilson Roasts Michael O’Fallon After He Slanders Christian Nationalists

As the debate over Christian Nationalism continues, Michael O’Fallon remains one of its most persistent opponents among those who rejected Critical Race Theory. Earlier this week, Michael O’Fallon accused Christian Nationalists of partnering with Woke Evangelical leaders creating an atmosphere of irony that Doug Wilson could not resist roasting him for. For starters, it is […]

Eric Metaxas’s Letter To The American Church Documentary Is NGMI “Not gonna make it” is a modern colloquial expression. It is often used in online communities, particularly in gaming and internet culture, to express that someone is not likely to succeed or achieve a particular goal. The term is typically used in a lighthearted or joking manner, but it can also convey a sense […]

Will Mark Dever, 9Marks Join The Fight Against Christian Nationalism? Last September, Sovereign Nations put on a small conference opposing Christian Nationalism. At the time we covered Andy Woodard’s lecture against Christian Nationalism debunking several lies or inaccuracies that he posited. There was one item I commended Woodard for in the video, which I want to retract because the facts of Woodard’s claims simply […]

James Lindsay: Marxism Isn’t Truly Atheistic

2023 ended with one of the worst no true Scotsman fallacy that was made to obfuscate atheism’s contribution to Cultural Marxism. In this regard, James Lindsay made a career out of attacking Christians before he decided to grift Christians by fighting Marxism instead. Yet pointing out what Marxists say in their writings is a far […]

Understanding Foundationalism With Charles Haywood Late July, Josh Buice the head of G3 Ministries took aim at Charles Haywood in a clumsy attempt at going after Nate Fischer. Josh Buice accused him of promoting political violence. I had the pleasure of having Charles Haywood on as a guest to discuss these allegations and to better understand Foundationalism. James Lindsay, an […]

False Prophet James Lindsay Predicts Has New Prediction

Leading up to the month of June, James Lindsay in his overemphasis and remedial understanding of Hegel prophesied that there would be a major event, like a trans George Floyd to crack down on Christians. In the same Glenn Beck program in which Glenn Beck attacked Stephen Wolfe, James Lindsay proclaimed that the government would provoke […]