Al Mohler’s Stunning Lack of Self-Awareness

In the largest protestant denomination in America, Al Mohler is undoubtedly the most powerful figure in said institution. Sitting as President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, his influence carries much weight in the ecclesiastical affairs of the Southern Baptist Convention. The grave threat, perhaps greater than the theological liberalism that necessitated the Conservative Resurgence, of […]

Dr. Russell Fuller: Al Mohler supports Critical Race Theory

The third and final installment of Dr. Russell Fuller’s interview with Jon Harris muddies Al Mohler, once seen as a bulwark of theological conservatism. The third installment details Fuller whistleblowing on Al Mohler’s support of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. Fuller details the behind the scenes happenings of Al Mohler propping up the heretical ideology […]

Dr. Russell Fuller exposes behind the scenes support for postmodernism at SBTS

The firing of Dr. Russell Fuller brought additional scrutiny to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary due to his field leading expertise in ancient Hebrew and stance against Social Justice. Fuller along with other terminated professors would be required to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to receive severance. But earlier this week, it was made apparent that […]

Update: 2 SBTS professors to refuse NDA

A few weeks ago, we reported on Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary firing four of its most prominent theologically conservative professors. We address how an NDA was to be signed if they were to get any severance, and we pointed to a fundraiser to assist any professor who would blow the whistle on any […]