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Going Old Testament With Dr. Russell Fuller

Dr. Russell Fuller was fired from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the flagship seminary in the Southern Baptist Convention, by Al Mohler in early 2020 for standing up to the mission drift in the seminary. He is a leading expert in Ancient Hebrew and an incredible Old Testament scholar that I sat under and learned about Jeremiah late October. Last night, Evangelical Dark Web hosted a live interview, but rather than talk about why he got fired and the mission drift at SBTS and the SBC, why not share what the SBC is missing and help get the word out about his teaching venture Theology Classroom.

A range of Old Testament questions are asked ranging from Genesis 5 to Ezekiel 48. I start off asking about the Nephilim, and we discuss the steep hurdles of some of the interpretations of this.

We also discuss the second greatest commandment in its Old Testament context, as well as the government in the Old Testament. Dr. Fuller said that the late judges period in 1 Samuel was the height of freedom for Israel, and we discussed the chaos in Judges.

Dr. Fuller shared his thoughts on Ezekiel 38, which were surprising to me. Viewers got to ask a few questions, including on Ezekiel 44-48.

This is definitely the type of interview that can’t adequately be summarized in writing but is worth the watch and listen.

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