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Protect James Younger is why we need guns

My previous post relating to the topic of guns and self defense titled “They don’t want your guns, they want your doctrine.” articulated that gun control was not an end but a means to an end, a plethora of tyrannies await on the other side, specifically religious liberty. Now, in Texas, we see an instance where a jury is compelling a father to assent to his seven year old son James Younger being turned into a tranny. The father has lost custody of his children to the mother, after arguing that she wants to transition the child against his own will, Lifesite News reports. Put in plain English, the court is compelling the father to abuse his child.

If nothing is done, the seven year old will undergo puberty blockers, a dangerous prescription to solve a problem that the overwhelming majority of children outgrow. The seven year old will be mutilated and altered as a science experiment, subject to a high risk lifestyle in the name of political correctness, all to live a lie. This is child abuse.

The government courts do not have the magisterial authority to command a father to abandon his duties and force his child to undergo a needlessly dangerous and harmful process in the name of quack medicine. This is a tyrannical overreach, and the father must act. No father can be compelled to abuse his child. And if it should ever come to this, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, instead.

I do not advocate specific actions for the father. Put broadly, he should defy the courts in a display of civil disobedience. Perhaps he should take his kids and flee. Perhaps he should hunker down on a Texas ranch with allies and force an elected sheriff to seize the kids pursuant to the court’s order. But the non-biological mother is a monster who should be nowhere near these kids. Whatever the outcome, the Mr. Younger should arm himself. The worst thing he can do at this point is comply.

Our Founding Fathers could not conceive such tyrannical compulsion, even with the Second Amendment in mind. However, the Second Amendment is there to protect our rights from tyranny whether they be from federal, state, or local government. The reckless disregard for the magisterial role of the God, government, and family is tyranny. A jury of peers is no mitigating factor in all of this. This is a dangerous precedent to set for America, that’s being set worldwide. If fathers do not stand up to defend their children from the state, more fathers will suffer.

Rather, civil disobedience, defiance of an unjust court ruling, can bring about more change than any clickbait article, protest, or celebrity activism. Never disarm. For the government knows no bounds when it can compel fathers to subject their fathers to child abuse. Protecting James Younger is why we need guns.


Originally published at NOQReport

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